World of Warcraft Dragonflight is a new addition to WoW.

Blizzard has announced Dragonflight, the ninth expansion for World of Warcraft.

So it’s official: Dragonflight will be the new expansion for World of Warcraft. Ninth since the release of the Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Game (MMORPG) in 2004. This new content was announced by Blizzard on April 19, 2022. It will replace Shadowlands, the eighth expansion that was introduced in 2019 and is already available. in the game since 2020.

On this occasion, the first video was shown, illustrating the “return” of dragons to Azeroth. Ironically, we see relatively few of them in this trailer, as the sequence more illustrates their absence – which translates to their retirement from the world, so to speak – while huge stone statues watch, waiting for their return.

If Dragonflight heralds a new age of dragons in Craft world, these large reptilian creatures have long been present in this world. The various dragonflights, representing the great families of dragons, each with a different color (bronze, green, blue, black, and red), have been present since the beginning of WoW and even before.

The Dragonflight expansion aims to return to a much more old-school vibe, with more classic heroic fantasy, traveling between dimensions during the Shadowlands expansion, the last patch of which was released in February. And who says heroic fantasy says: dragons. So to speak, it’s about returning to an environment that is perhaps more familiar to players.

However, we have known for weeks that the expansion will be Dragonflight. Leaks shared by specialized sites showed visual effects around the dragons. During the announcement, Jon High (Lead Franchise Manager), Ion Hazzikostas (Game Director), and Holly Longdale (Lead Producer of WoW Classic) joked about the leaks.

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New in WoW Dragonfly

Of course, as with every WoW expansion, Dragonflight will offer you new lands to explore (Awakening Coast, On’ar Plains, Cote d’Azur, Taldrazus, and Forbidden Conflicts). All of these new regions (one starting zone and four high-level zones) will be merged into a “new continent”, in this case the Dragon Isles.

A new race will also debut: Draktyrs. It is a bipedal species halfway between a humanoid and a draconian. This species will be available to both the Horde and the Alliance through a loyalty system identical to the Pandaren. This race will have its own playable class, the summoner, which has its own spells and skills.

evocative Draktir
The evocative Draktir. // Source: Blizzard

Dragonfly will of course bring new quests, dungeons to explore and raids to complete. As with every expansion, the character level cap increases – in Shadowlands it was 60. Players will level up to 70 at the end of their progress – this was the level at the end of the first expansion, Burning Crusade.

Blizzard, now a subsidiary of Microsoft, is also announcing a redesign of the game’s base interface (which may not change much for many people who are already using very advanced add-ons to personalize their gaming experience. System talent pools will be redesigned again. – yes, again! – a Professions and crafts will also be updated along with Dragonflight.

snow dragons
Several Aspects or Flights of Dragons. Each aspect has its own color. // Source: Blizzard

Finally, the latest major development announced with Dragonflight: dragon riding training. Of course, anyone who has already played WoW knows that you can already ride dragons to travel through the air or even travel between two locations automatically. But Dragonflight intends to push the “simulation” of flight even further.

A ride on a dragon that can be somewhat like a movie series. How to Train Your Dragon, actually aims to offer functionality and fun: the mastery of training these large reptiles in some way: dive to gain speed, stay in the saddle, and so on. This will have the advantage of offering other in-game animations for dragons.

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World of Warcraft // Source: Blizzard

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