Why did the Russian army put dolphins at the entrance to the port?

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[EN VIDÉO] bottlenose dolphin in mourning
In June 2017, a team of researchers observed a bottlenose dolphin communicating with a deceased calf in the waters of the Gulf of Ambrasia in western Greece. More proof that cetaceans mourn their dead. Especially when it comes to loved ones. And a sign of a certain emotional intelligence developed in these unusual marine mammals. © Tethys Research Institute

There were horses, of course. But also dogs, pigeons, rats, elephants or even sheep. All of them were used by men to support them in military operations. And today the examination of satellite imagesUnited States Naval Institute (USNI) reports that Russia deployed dolphins — bottlenose dolphinsfrom Tursiops truncated, as scientists say – at a naval base in the Black Sea, not far from the port of Sevastopol (Crimea). It was in February last year. At the very moment when the famous “special military operation” was launched in Ukraine by Vladimir Putin.

In 2018, satellites would have similarly shown that Russia has stationed dolphins at a base off Tartus, Syria’s second port. Norwegian fishermen, for their part, in 2019 beluga with amazing behavior, floating around their boats. According to them, the animal was wearing a harness that could attach a GoPro camera, which indicated that “St. Petersburg Equipment”. It did not take long for the beluga to be suspected of espionage.

But for what purpose were enclosures for dolphins installed this time at the entrance to the port of Sevastopol? The experts have a few ideas. Thus, these dolphins can be used to detect mines or other objects. Thanks to’echolocation. Training programs were initiated by the Soviet Union and the United States during the Cold War. Because dolphins are, of course, better swimmers than humans. And that they don’t have decompression problems. Because dolphins manage to detect objects that our specialized systems cannot see. Their agility in water also most often prevents wanted mines from accidentally triggering.

Waiting for underwater drones

These dolphins could also serve dogs guardian of the sea”. They could patrol to spot intruders. And even, as some say, to be trained … to kill human divers! Enough to prevent enemy operational forces from infiltrating the port and sabotaging the ships stationed there.

Recall that the Sevastopol base is of particular importance for Russia. Due to its proximity to Crimea, which was annexed by the country in 2014. There are many ships anchored here. missile range Ukrainians. But not out of reach of possible sabotage operations Submarine.

It was in this same port that the Soviets trained their dolphins to detect mines during the Cold War. For a while fall of the USSRin the early 1990s unitsmammals the sailors came under… Ukrainian control. When in Russia “recovered” Crimea, he also mastered dolphins. And stepped up its program on marine mammals. Even if the programs for the development of underwater drones are conducted in parallel. So the technology has already advanced. However, according to military experts, “Today it is still difficult to fight hundreds of thousands of years of evolution”.

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