Who rides which dragon in the Dragon House?

Several dragons are already visible in the series based on Game of Thrones. Are you having trouble identifying and associating them with each character in Dragon House ? This is the guide for that.

It has a lot of dragons Dragon House. We know, however, that the first season of the series won’t feature all of these winged creatures that allow the Targaryen dynasty to establish their dominance over all of Westeros. Some of these reptiles will be introduced later. But we already know a few, thanks to the first episodes being broadcast.

If you have trouble remembering who rides what Dragon House, this little survival guide will allow you to move your characters and their mounts. Four dragons have already appeared on the screen. The rest are still unknown or not yet alive – one is still in the egg, and only the skull remains of the other.

Attention, there are spoilers Dragon House in the rest of this article!

The demon commands Carax

Daemon Targaryen
Daemon Targaryen, one of the key characters in the Dance of the Dragons. // Source: HBO

Daemon, brother of Viserys, King of the Seven Kingdoms, is a character inhabited by great cruelty. He showed this as the commander of the watchtower of Port Real when it was necessary to restore order in the city. Should we then be surprised to see him riding a dragon red as blood, called the Bloodthirsty?

Caraxes is a beast with an atypical physique, if not deformed. Its mouth bristles with spikes at the throat, and its body is very elongated, its limbs almost oddly placed. The abdomen seems very narrow, and the neck sometimes seems endless. Caraxes plays a prominent role in the conquest of the Stone Steps in the strait between Westeros and Essos.

Caraxes, Daemon Targaryen’s mount. // Source: HBO

Rhaenyra riding Syrax

picture of dragon house
Rhaenyra Targaryen, daughter of Viserys, heir to the throne. // Source: HBO

Rhaenyra, Viserys’ daughter and Daemon’s niece, is set to rule the Seven Kingdoms after her father’s death. But in Westeros, the continent has never been ruled by a woman. This confusion is consequently the trigger for the Dance of the Dragons, which will become a deadly internal struggle for the Targaryen dynasty.

Sirax is a yellow colored dragon that looks less intimidating than Caraxes – if he really is a dragon in the universe Game of Thrones maybe not scary. Its name pays homage to the goddess Valyria, where the Targaryens come from. She nearly ran into Caraxes when it came to retrieving the dreamfire dragon’s egg.

Sirax Dragon House
Sirax, a dragon whose physique is similar to that of Carax. // Source: HBO

Rhaenys rides Meleys

Rhaenys Targaryen Korlis Velaryon the House of the Dragon
Rhaenys, the queen that never was. // Source: HBO

You may never have been a queen, but you still have a dragon and command respect. Rhaenys harbored resentment over Jaehaerys I Targaryen’s succession to the throne. At the great council, his brother Viserys was elected. This is since she was called the queen that never was. But she remains at the center of the political game thanks to her marriage to Corlis Velaryon.

Her dragon Meleys is nicknamed the Red Queen, although her scales are less pronounced in hue than Carax’s, with copper and pink hues. We haven’t seen in detail what Meleys looks like yet, but we could see him while flying over the strait, as part of the fight in the Stone Steps, next to the Smoke of the Seas.

Meleys spreading his wings. // Source: HBO

Laenor owns Fumée-des-Mers

Laenor Velaryon
Laenor Velaryon. // Source: HBO

Seasmoke (or Seasmoke) is a dragon whose scales stretch towards gray and silver. Perhaps that is why it is named so. It is also the mount of Leienor Velaryon, son of Rhaenys and Korlis. So Corlis was then a very famous marine explorer who sailed all the known seas. And the Velaryon family is one of the most important maritime powers.

Laenor Velarion comes from a lineage similar to the Targaryens who live across the strait. He also has white hair like the rest of his family. Smoke-of-the-Seas is a dragon we first see in action in Dragon House during the battle at the Stone Steps. He’s mobilized, like Meleys, to try and take control of this strategic area.

sea ​​smoke
Sea smoke will burn many enemies with its fiery breath. // Source: HBO

Balerion known as the Black Terror

dragon stone dragon house
The throne room of Dragonstone, the historic Targaryen stronghold in Westeros. // Source: HBO

This is a dragon that no longer exists during the Dance of the Dragons, but it should have been mentioned. Balerion is the one who calls himself the Black Horror. It was on this mount that Aegon conquered Westeros and earned his nickname the Conqueror – and this episode is called the Conquest. Balerion was undoubtedly one of the major disasters of the time.

He was the largest known Westeros dragon at the time. Black in color, he lived in ancient times, a little more than a century before what happened in Dragon House. What is left of Balerion is shown in the series at the moment of contemplation in the crypt. This is when Viserys confides a secret to his daughter Rhaenyra.

Targaryen House of the Dragon
Skull of Balerion, now harmless. // Source: HBO
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