What to do in Haute-Garonne during the Easter holidays?

Le Journal Toulousain offers you a selection of ideas for activities and excursions for your Easter holidays in Haute-Garonne. Hunting for chocolate eggs, visiting a farm, investigating in a castle and hiking in nature… The choice is yours.

Visit the farms of the Haute-Garonne for the Easter holidays.

29 farms of the Haute-Garonne open their doors for you on the first weekend of the Easter holidays © pixabay

What if you take advantage of the Easter holidays to visit breeders, growers, vine growers and farmers of the Haute-Garonne? This weekend the Center for Initiatives of the Department for the Development of Agriculture and Rural Environment (CIVAM) organizes the 15th editionFarm to Farm Event.

Within two days a 29 farms in the territory open their doors for you for you to discover different agricultural professions as well as local know-how and local products. You can, for example, meet a beekeeper to learn more about how honey is made, visit a pig farm, a wine cellar, or walk through fields with seasonal vegetables. Some of these farms even offer accommodation and food facilities.

Practical information: From farm to farm, Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 April, from 10:00 to 18:00. Free, without registration. You can prepare your scheme.

Giant Investigation at Lareole Castle

investigation lareole castle easter holidays haute garonne
Take part in a big investigation in the castle during the Easter holidays © Paysdoc.com

Paysdoc.com agency invites you to take part in great investigation at the castle of Lareolelocated in the northwest of the Haute-Garonne.

At first glance, the story is simple. Michel de Cheverry, the worthy heir to a family of pastel merchants, did not show up for dinner. His parents, worried about the disappearance of their child, need your help to solve this case. This weekend they will open the doors of their luxurious home for you and will be counting on you to find their son. Safe and sound… if possible. You will have to ask the right questions, because some of the inhabitants of the castle may have valuable information.

During your quest, you meet different main characters. Renaissance costume, they will guide you through traps and help you solve puzzles. For information, this game is inspired by the history of the place and the characters that actually existed.

Practical information: Château de Lareole, Lareole. Saturday, April 23, from 14:15 to 17:00. Price for adults: 30 euros, price for children: 20 euros. Booking online.

Walk in nature in the Haute-Garonne

hiking nature walk holidays easter haute-garonne
Nature hike organized between Louben-Lauraguet and Le Fage © Lauragais Tourisme

The Community of Municipalities Terres du Lauragais and its Tourist Office organize a hiking day during the Easter holidays. Pedestrians are invited in the morning walk for almost an hour through the streets of the historic village of Luben Lorage. The walk will take place in the company of a guide from the association Nature en Jeux, who will teach you to recognize the “savages of the streets”, these small plants that grow at the foot of the walls and between the cobblestones of our cities.

At noon, enjoy a picnic on the greens, and then, if you feel the spirit of sports, go to 12 km hike, dubbed the “Loop of Locks”. The route starts in Louben Lorag, passes in front of the village castle, then continues towards Le Fage and its castle. The hike is accompanied by volunteers from the association Caraman Randonnees Loisirs.

Practical information: meeting at the playground, Pale street, Luben-Lorage. Free registration event by calling 05 62 57 09 68.

Continue your egg hunt during the Easter holidays

Easter eggs
During the CC Suju-Pixabay holidays, three new egg hunts are organized in the Haute-Garonne.

Easter Monday has passed, but there are still a few chocolate eggs to be found during the holidays. This weekend, for example, big egg hunt organized in Berg Castle Farm Park, in Odars. Various schemes, more or less simple, are offered depending on the age of the children. The latter will then have to collect the dummy eggs before bringing their booty back to the bar to receive, in trade for, real chocolates. Opportunity to find time to discover, feed and cuddle the farm’s chickens, donkeys, horses, sheep and ponies who are accustomed to visitors.

This Sunday, April 24, another hunting for chocolate eggs will take place in a forest located on the shores of Lake Garak. You can take advantage of this event to take part in fishing with members of the Lake Fishing Association.

Finally, on Wednesday, April 27, the Society for the Safety of the Haute-Garonne organizes a large hunting for solidarity eggs in the Compans-Caffarelli garden in Toulouse. A fun moment offered to the beneficiaries of the association as well as the general public. About ten stands will be set up to inform visitors about Secours Populaire’s activities abroad.

Practical information: Château de Berg, 515 route de Revel, Odar. Booking. Lac de Garac, Picard area, Garac. At 10:30 am Compance Caffarelli Garden, Compance Caffarelli Esplanade, Toulouse. Registration by email [email protected]

Venetian Carnival in the Haute-Garonne

Venetian carnival masks dress up
Venice Carnival Goes to the Haute-Garonne (illustration) CC Franz W

Members of the association Les Masqués Vénitiens de France will be present during the last weekend of the Easter holidays at the Château de Merville. On Saturday afternoon, about thirty characters dressed in the costumes of the historical commedia dell’arte will take over the premises and traditional Venetian hot chocolate will be served in the halls of the castle.

On Sunday, the whole party will walk through the gardens of the estate. She will invite you to get lost in the famous Merville maze and contemplate its hedgerows, over three meters high, planted 250 years ago. Classical music and opera tunes from 18th century Venice will make your walk unforgettable. For afternoon tea, the committee organizes Tasting of Italian cakes.. Visitors who come in masks in accordance with the rules of the Venice Carnival will receive a discount on admission to the castle.

Practical information: Château de Merville, 2 place du Château, Merville. From Saturday, May 7, from 14:00 to 18:30, to Sunday, May 8, from 10:30 to 18:30. Prices for adults: 10.50 euros, prices for children: 8.50 euros.

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