Hedgehogs are real allies in the garden! Indeed, they allow you to destroy plants that are harmful to plants that nest in your exterior. That’s what they eat in your gardens.

These wary little mammals feed on many of the elements found in your gardens. To enjoy their presence for as long as possible, find out what they eat in your exterior.

Hedgehogs: what do they eat in the garden?

in hedgehog is an insectivorous animal. He feeds That’s why small insects present in the garden, such as centipede, ant, slug, earthworm or evenspider. In addition, this mammal also eats small animals and egg carcasses. Depending on what you grow in the garden, the hedgehog may consume, in particular:

  • from apples
  • from pears
  • from raspberry
  • from peaches
  • from carrot
  • from bananas

Hedgehogs: how to meet them in the garden?

Hedgehogs in the garden can be interesting. After all, these little mammals will become your allies in the fight against pests that attack your plants! Hedgehogs get rid of them and help protect your crops. For attract in your garden, there are some tricks you need to know! You can first do wooden canopyin which they can refuge and there feel safe. Also provide them with somewater. This will allow them stay hydrated.


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