we explain to you the phenomenon and why you should not interfere

Every spring, when nature wakes up, the buds delight wild animals, especially deer. This was the case in Upper Sonia in the last days of April.

Three drunk deer. In Angirey in Haute-Saône, the trio have been observed several times on a municipal road, according to the Est Républicain (paid article) this Friday, April 29th. These animals wandered about disoriented. A well-known seasonal phenomenon in the countryside. I must say that in this small town of Haute-Sauna there is a lot of fauna. “Deer, we are used to seeing them, we have a lot of game, wild boars are also in the forest. A drunken deer, in those days, was not out of the ordinary. relativizes Chantal Faradon, the mayor of this small town of 150 inhabitants, who is not accustomed to being written about in the newspapers!

In other regions of France, chamois poisoning is reported in various news stories. In Vernon in Ayr on Friday, April 15, a deer ended up in the CHU parking lot. The latter had to swim across the Seine before reaching the center of the city. The municipal police took over the animal.

Not far from Reims, an animal photographer crossed paths with two slightly tipsy deer in the small town of Arcy-les-Poinsards. “They were in complete panic and confused. They tried to cross the fence by burying their heads in it.” refers to the latter.

Use in moderation, the ad says! Better than perch’s restraint, spring buds work on animals that consume too much of them. “All kidneys contain large amounts of sugar and juice. It is a concentrate of wood sugars. It is a food with a high fermentation power, and when consumed in large quantities, it causes temporary intoxication. explains Gilles Moyne, director of the Athénas center in the Jura, which specializes in wildlife rescue. “It’s a fermentation process in the rumen, it happens in ruminants” he remembers. And all young buds, not just spruce buds, can water a deer or kid!

A deer exhibiting these “symptoms” of intoxication “You can see them in broad daylight, they’re running around erratically, they’re disoriented and can get a little euphoric!”Gilles Moyne says

The Athénas wildlife care center near Lons-le-Saunier in the Jura receives calls every spring about drunk deer. People sometimes find that there is a slightly tipsy deer in their garden. “You must leave them alone, don’t strain them, don’t interfere” he said. “The deer is always close to the environment that is familiar to him, and he will return there. We discourage people from wanting to catch an animal, a deer can injure a person with its horns and hooves.” warn Gilles Moyne. If the animal is not in danger, if people are not in danger, we must let nature take its course.

In the spring of 2016, the Jura gendarmes had to call for help. A drunken deer came to them in the barracks at Lons-le-Saunier and appreciated the place. It took the intervention of agents from the National Game and Wildlife Administration to capture the animal. According to the gendarmes, the deer abused the kidneys.

Because these drunken animals, if they smile, can cause traffic accidents.

The foundation also reminds that the loss of natural landmarks is not only associated with eating euphoric plants: this season, young deer leave their mother to go to conquer the territory. Some deer are found far from their habitat, sometimes near houses, in cities.

In Franche-Comté, where the chamois is becoming more and more visible, in the mountains as well as on the green plain, the spring season causes some comical scenes. This amateur filmed this scene a few years ago. The chamois is no doubt in great shape after uncontrolled consumption of buds.

On the Jura mountain range, chamois are especially attracted to green, tender and sweet spruce buds, from which people also make excellent liquors. Not a rabid animal!

Are you dizzy after three glasses of champagne? Normally, you are a mammal and therefore more or less sensitive to alcohol.

In mammals, everything can be drunk, as in monkeys, protein … for example, after eating fermented fruits. Drunk birds can also get drunk if they eat too many berries. “Hence the phrase: “Drunk as a thrush!”. And soon, perhaps, “drunk like a deer in spring”?!

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