View Madiran on the handlebars 103: crazy ride

Karine and Dominique Magot, former Air France flight attendants, landed this original concept in Monco. An adventure that combines personal nostalgia, local and national history and delicious scenery.

With one pedal press and full throttle, the magic happens. Noise, smell, vibration, nothing is missing for this ride between Béarn and Bigorre, through Madiran and time, a crazy ride on the wheel of a moped that we end up doing again, a wonderful machine to evoke memories to better fill the senses.

Former Air France flight attendants Dominique and Karine Magjot have been packing their bags for almost 25 years in Moncoupe, on the border between the Hautes-Pyrenees and the Atlantic Pyrenees, in this “isolated nugget, the cradle of the history of Béarn and France”. would like to present this corner that they are now inviting to discover in a rather unusual way, combining their passion for this territory and its rich past with their penchant for vintage cars and motorized two-wheelers. “But we didn’t need a museum where we would look at these beautiful works of art without even touching them,” Dominik admits. “Given our origins, it is no coincidence that we are engaged in tourism. We have been thinking about this project for about twenty years. .We wanted to inform you about this mine that this corner represents. The missing link, it was a mob. Those 103, it’s a bit like my soft toys. It reminds me of the 70s and 80s, high school. there is a model representing every part of the history of these mopeds.”

After launching in July with seven cars, “You in mob” now has nine fully refurbished “Pokémon” with the goal of increasing the fleet to fifteen models awaiting refresh. “I have a background in mechanics and since my boys are also passionate about motorcycles and racing, we fully refurbish every moped. We test them with the whole family, which allows us to be at peace with the customers so that everyone has fun.”

It’s just time to hit the road. Dominic and Fabio, who will provide logistical support from the rear, are driving their vintage Peugeot 504 to fire guns, which the participants exchange at different stops. “We’re just going to spoil you and make you discover our corner,” says Dominic, who leads this mechanical herd that doesn’t go unnoticed on the streets of Laskazer or Hagede. During the stops, the colorful guide shows places immersed in history in these lands, Bigorre, Béarn and Armagnac, which in time will be contested by Romans, barbarians, kings of France or England, with symbolic figures such as Gaston Phoebus, Henry IV, Jeanne d ‘Albret or even Napoleon I. This crazy ascent through history can be made even driving your 103 while you walk along the Roman road or ride between the monastery and the Madiran church and its mysteries. “The idea is not to make fireworks just for the sake of making fireworks, but to live the moment to the fullest, take advantage of it and maybe benefit from it,” explains Dominik, whose words go back to history . crazy and exciting pace. Our two-hour loop will end at breakneck speed. That’s good, “You in mob” offers different itineraries with walks for 4 hours or a day, turnkey accommodation with the Gîte du Castelbosc, in a pétoire or even on 2 horses if this crazy ride scares you. As for the others, release the horses, 49.3, for this trip through the vineyards! /

The first electric 103s in history

Although the vast majority of mopeds are completely homemade, there are some unique ones in the garage. First 103 vehicles converted to electric vehicles in history. Nervous yet silent machines designed by French startup No Oil, no oil. “This confirms our desire to rehabilitate existing vehicles in order to have a vintage offering that drives with a militant and virtuous side.” Vous en mob is one of the players in the field of electrical retrofits.

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