TrashTalk Award – S04 E13: Free Patrick Beverly

The NBA is never the last to contribute its fair share of verbal pronouncements of all kinds between its various protagonists. And inevitably count on us to identify them as often as possible, because without being too first degree, we love these muscle fights. So who do you think is the biggest talker right now?

The previous TrashTalk Award was won by Kat and Pat Bev, who join the long list of people who ruined Russell Westbrook.

Candidate #1: Anthony Edwards and Patrick Beverley take care of the Clippers

The wolves are back! The Minnesota team, seventh in the West, beat the Clippers 109-104 in the playoffs. So Patrick Beverley can reopen his big box of playoff pies, while young, brash Anthony Edwards can rediscover the joys of the postseason in his second year in the league. Therefore, two big clients for this section. Before even considering facing the Grizzlies in the first round, the two Zouaves already had a bunch of punchlines to ravage outside the arena.

Anthony Edwards: “They were afraid to defend themselves against me. »

Ant-Man, who scored 30 points during this scissors match, put himself in Play-in mode before going into the playoffs, but don’t count on him to impress anyone, because he scored about 36 points in game 1 against Memphis. He has made similar statements before and should do so again in the future. The young player is well supported by his grouchy teammate Patrick Beverley, who has also spoken out all the good things he thinks about the Clippers in much more flamboyant language.

“I told you we were going to the playoffs. Nobody believed me! Clippers f**k, we kicked their fucking asses. »

Slightly offended by Patosche, who was transferred by the Clippers last summer and found a new home in Minnesota. During this video with his teammates in the locker room, the leader decided to go ahead. How often, really.

Candidate #2: Trae Young Says Goodbye to Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse

In a play-in game between the Cavaliers and the Hawks, Trae Young’s group had the final say, who had the “privilege” to challenge the Heat and walk away with a shot from Swiffer. Young warmed up slowly, but in the second half he let go completely and scored 32 of his 38 points. The perfect time to give Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse a few dance moves after a well-placed shot.

We don’t know if this should be seen as a simple dance step or something more revealing, but on both occasions, Ice Trae installed air conditioning in Cleveland without hesitation. However, the Hawk Elf is polite and made sure to greet the evening’s audience by wishing them (probably) a good return.

Trae Young says goodbye to Cavs fans. »

The Cavs may feel great regret for those who have been so well placed throughout the season. As for the last conference finalist, he’s come a long way and will be looking to take on the Heat, which would be nice.

Candidate #3: Royce O’Neill installs an air conditioner at the American Airlines Center.

To kick off their playoffs, the Jazz head to Texas as Dallas has the field advantage. However, the Mavs are attacking this series without their playmaker Luka Doncic, who still has his whistling calf. A gift for the group to Rudy Gobert, which can confirm the theory “the unhappiness of some makes others happy.” However, this team, even without the Slovenian, is very memorable and the Jazz had to work hard to win Game 1. Royce O’Neal needed a toss to free Salt Lake City.

Unseen in attack for 47 minutes, Royce O’Neal decided that the one basket he would score of the evening would also be his highest scoring basket. But the winger didn’t just crucify the Mavs with that award-winning dagger in the corner, he also told the Texas fans to shut up by putting a finger to their mouths. The (very) silent killer also silenced the opposite audience. We love.

Candidate #4: Kyrie Irving really doesn’t like TD Garden… who reciprocates

Having left for Brooklyn due to bad relations with the Celtics, Kyrie Irving will have plenty of time to face his former franchise in the first round of the playoffs. Apart from this rivalry, we are of course asking for seven games in this series that is brimming with talent. The Celtics have the advantage on the field, it is in Boston that the first two games are played. And in TD Garden, we haven’t forgotten about Kyrie, as evidenced by the different names of the birds descending from the spans of the room throughout the match for Uncle Drew. But even if we may think otherwise, Kairi is still human and could break away at any moment.

Inevitably, after being insulted and booed for 48 minutes, the 2016 NBA champion may legitimately crack up and give the Celtics fans in the stands after the scoring the middle finger as a “shut up now.” But the stakeholder doesn’t stop there, and also implies that it’s easy for us in Massachusetts to whine right after his second batch of adults.

Platist was definitely not left out on this episode, he also stated that hacking after being insulted throughout a match is perfectly legal. We tend to understand this, but apart from this rivalry between Kairi and pfizer Celtics, we have, above all, a great streak with talent, rivalry and a dramatic end to this game won by the Greens. As we said, we want seven of these.

Candidate #5: Nikola Jokic Suffering Under Warriors Law

Nikola Jokic is the only one in the world to take on the Warriors backed and supported by their Splash Brothers, who are now three since Jordan Poole decided to join Clay Thompson and Stephen Curry, the latter becoming the sixth luxury man during his comeback. from his injury. Unfortunately, without Michael Porter Jr. or Jamal Murray, few people give the Nuggets much of their skin on this show. Moreover, in the Gulf, we seem to know how to untie the Serb. Gary Payton II and Draymond Green do not even need to take lessons from Markieff Morris for this, they are very well versed in this matter.

A little slap in the face of the derche story to quite innocently say “nice try but we still kicked your ass” we know the GPII has something to hold on to but it’s still well staged and the expected effect is immediate as the Joker is immediately wants to fight his son. In the second match, Draymond Green takes over after defending like a scavenger against the incumbent MVP throughout the match, the latter eventually also squeezing, the second match technique synonymous with elimination.

Draymond Green says goodbye to Nikola Jokic, who received the second technique.

Now let’s see what the Warriors have in store for him in Game 3.

Bonus Candidate: Jose Alvarado Tries His Special on Chris Paul…Bad Target

Now you know Jose Alvarado’s quirk of hiding in the corner of the room, waiting for the opposing point guard to pick up the ball, and going behind him to steal the puff like a little weasel, to then finish and score. in counterattack. It would be an oversimplification to sum up this type of action by Alvarado, who was already one of the best defenders in his university conference and also had the nickname “Grand Theft Alvarado” after the famous gaming saga. Only this time, Chris Paul stood in his way. And we can say that at Point God the attempt suffered a bitter failure.

“Chris Paul is not messing with Jose Alvarado. »

Unfortunately for the Puerto Rican, he attacked the top boss of the perverts, who knows all the tricks of his trade and cannot be taught to make faces. CP3, seeing that Alvarado has hidden in his usual corner, the Suns metronome orders him to get out of there and return to the defense, which the GTA will obviously do. Good spiritual side, but not too much.

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