Top 8 most beautiful birds in the world

It is common knowledge that our blue planet is home to a diverse and magnificent fauna. Today, the editors decided to rank the most beautiful birds in the world.

You may not know this, but there are approximately 9,700 species of birds in the world. And the least we can say is that some birds dazzle us with their beauty. It must be said that these individuals have a breathtaking plumage or physique that does not go unnoticed.

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Without further ado, discover our top 10 most beautiful birds in the world:

parrot sand

Photo Credit: Illustrative Image / Shutterstock

This magnificent creature is the only species in the genus Psittrichas. It can be recognized by its black and red plumage. This bird is also known as the Dracula parrot. It lives mainly in New Guinea, where it feeds only on fruits and seeds.

Parrot Sand most often lives at an altitude of 600 to 1200 meters above sea level. Not surprisingly, its species is endangered due to deforestation and traditional hunting. Some specimens serve as pets.

golden pheasant

Photo Credit: Illustration Image / Pixabay

The second place in the ranking is awarded to the golden pheasant. Its plumage is enhanced by an avalanche of flowers, and its crest is studded with golden feathers. This bird belongs to the family Phasianidae (partridges, peacocks and pheasants). This species is mainly found in China.

Unlike Pesque’s parrot, the golden pheasant prefers to move on the ground rather than fly. Its diet consists of plants and small insects.

Inca tern

Photo Credit: Illustration Image / Pixabay

A relatively unknown species in France, the Inca tern is a strange bird. This bird has dark gray plumage, a bright red beak and white whiskers. One thing is certain: this animal is recognizable among thousands. It develops on the coasts of Peru and Chile.

In addition to its atypical physique, the Inca tern makes calls that strangely resemble cat meows. Thanks to his sharp beak, he catches his fish right in the ocean.

keeled toucan

Photo credit: Flickr.

The keeled toucan, which is called the “rainbow” toucan, has black plumage, but its long beak has many shimmering colors. Note that his neck is covered in yellow feathers. This bird species is found in Mexico and Venezuela. Individuals are also found in Colombia.

The keeled toucan lives in shallow forests and on the edges of forests. Carnivorous, it also feeds on small lizards and tree frogs. It can happen to him eating eggs belonging to other species.

Didric cuckoo clock

Photo Credit: Illustrative Image / Shutterstock

In fifth place in the ranking we find the cuckoo didrika. This bird with gorgeous green plumage is native to sub-Saharan Africa. It also develops in the Arabian Peninsula. The didra cuckoo has an annoying habit of laying its eggs in the nests of other birds.

Apart from this characteristic, this little creature feeds on caterpillars and other insects. Berries and seeds are also part of its diet.

blue jay

Photo Credit: Illustration Image / Pixabay

As the name suggests, the blue jay has a brilliant blue-gray plumage. Its size varies from 24 to 30 cm, and its weight is from 70 to 100 grams. This bird is native to North America. It is mainly found in deciduous forests and light forests.

In the wild, the blue jay does not hesitate to take baths from ants. This activity consists in “displacing” bacteria and parasites from feathers.

snowy owl

Photo Credit: Illustration Image / Pixabay

The palm of the most beautiful bird goes to the snowy owl. This predator has a magnificent white plumage. Note that the female has small brown spots. This majestic animal has been the bird emblem of Quebec for 35 years.

This white bird with yellow eyes can reach 70 centimeters in length and weigh between 1 and 2.5 kilograms. Its wingspan can reach 177 centimeters. It mainly hunts at night, and its favorite prey are small mammals such as lemmings and voles.

Gould diamond

Photo Credit: Illustration Image / Pixabay

This beautiful multi-colored bird is recognizable by its bright colors: yellow, blue, red, green and purple. The Gouldian finch was discovered in Australia in 1838 by the British naturalist and ornithologist John Gould. In the wild, this creature feeds on seeds, insects, and small arthropods.

Gouldian finches live in groups of up to 2,000 individuals. Another characteristic: this creature never migrates. Unfortunately, it is threatened by poaching, habitat loss and wildfires.

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