Top 10 things to do in Figueres

Visit Figueres: what are the best things to do and see in this beautiful Catalan city so dear to Salvador Dali?

Figueres is a typical Catalan city located in the heart of the Alt Empordà, close to the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenees mountain range. It is world famous for its cultural and artistic attractions. To visit Figueres is also to discover the city of Salvador Dali, the famous surrealist painter who was born, lived and died here.

As dynamic as you wish, at any time of the year, it is full of activities for you to enjoy as a couple, with friends or family. Generation Voyage brings you a list of the best of them that you can’t miss when you arrive in Figueres. Choose what you like, meet you there!

1. Dali Theater Museum

Photo Credit: Shutterstock – Alex Cymbal

Visit Figueres bypassing Dali Theater Museum ? You will not believe! This cultural space of national importance is dedicated to the Spanish artist who created the great clock of the Surrealist movement.

In 1974, he opened his own museum and decorated it with impressive creations for the rest of his life. The artist is there to this day, since he is buried there: he rests in a crypt topped with a glass dome.

The building was built on the remains of the old municipal theater of Figueres, destroyed at the end of the civil war. Many works of this prolific artist are kept here: you can discover his early period (1917-1928), surrealist (1929-1940) and classical (1941-1983). period two hours on average, the visit is quite exciting. do not be shy book during high seasonlimited number of seats!

2. Walk the streets

Plaza Catalunya in Figueres

Photo Credit: Shutterstock – Manuel Ascanio

Figueres is one of the friendliest cities to walk around in. The typical Catalan architecture of the alleys is sublimated by constant sunlight all year round. There are many interesting buildings on your route: Church of Sant Pere 10th century, rebuilt in neo-gothic style, Casa Puig (Dalí’s birthplace) and picturesque houses on the side of the Rambla, the real heart of the city.

To find out everything about this city with character, do not hesitate to order excursion at the tourist office. You will find it in Escorxador Square, surrounded by many bars and restaurants. And by the way, a plate of tapas on the terrace is a must!

3 San Ferran Castle

San Ferran Castle - Visit Figueres

Photo Credit: Shutterstock – KarSol

This huge military complex, built in the 18th century, is located at the end of Pujada del Castel. He is busy 32 ha making it the largest monument in Catalonia and the largest modern fortress in Europe ! The place could accommodate up to 4,000 soldiers, ready to defend Catalan territory.

Today it is more suitable for excursions to the delight of tourists. If you are looking for an activity in Figueres that combines walking and heritage, this is a great plan!

Uncover the secrets of this exceptionally well-preserved castle-fortress and learn all about its intricate architecture. We especially recommend it families with children : They will be the first to get excited about the assault on this legendary behemoth.

4. Toy Museum of Catalonia

Toy Museum of Catalonia

Photo Credit: Flickr – Maite Gomà i Farràs

Kids are definitely spoiled for this top of the best things to do in Figueres. in Catalan Toy Museum specially dedicated to them: a real machine to go back in time, this cultural space traces the history of toys. Puppet theaters, toy soldiers, cardboard horses, balls, board games, soft toys, tricycles and robots will make the eyes of both children and adults shine.

Located in the very heart of the city. Casa Terradas built in 1767, the museum includes 10,000 coins half of which are on public display. Opened in 1982, it also houses valuable historical documents, including photographs of Dali… with his toys, of course. You will see priceless items such as a figurine of a baker dating back to the 6th century BC. It was discovered in a children’s tomb in the Greek necropolis of Emporion.

5. Wine tourism

Peralada Castle - Visit Figueres

Photo Credit: Shutterstock – KarSol

Emporda region crosses wine route, a gourmet itinerary showcasing the know-how of Catalan winemaking. DO Empordà is a world famous name for vineyards located between the sea and the hills. Along the way, you will have the opportunity to discover fine drinks in the heart of ancient cellars.

This road connects the three main Romanesque monasteries, which laid the foundation for the cultivation of grapes and the production of wines. Passing through it will also make it possible to cross the excellent Cap de Creus Natural Park and reach Peralada Castle which houses the Wine Museum. On the side of the Roses, the oenological center offers interactive activities… and tastings. In any case, in moderation!

6. Empordà Museum

Emporda Museum

Photo credit: Wikimedia – Tourist Board Costa Brava Pirineu Girona.

in Empordà Museum it is an institution entirely dedicated to ensuring the preservation and promotion of the regional heritage. If you are looking for cultural activities in Figueres, you have come to the right place.

This museum, opened in the 19th century, offers various exhibitions and events, as well as Catalan art collections. If, of course, the focus is on Dali’s work, you’ll enjoy admiring the creations of other local artists.

The museum’s archaeological space illuminates the history of Catalonia, from prehistory to the present, including Antiquity and the Middle Ages.

7. Els Aiguamols de l’Emporda Natural Park

Els Aiguamols de l'Emporda Natural Park - Visit Figueres

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Creators of Wirestock

The Aiguamolls de l’Empordà Natural Park is the second largest wetland in Catalonia. This swamp is almost 5000 ha became a natural park in 1987 to save it from the horrors of urbanization. The park is divided into three zones of a single natural reserve: the island of Caramani, the coastal lagoons of Llanes and ponds.

It is home to a variety of endemic flora and fauna. Solicornia, tamarind trees, sea reeds are habitats for many reptiles, amphibians and mammals. You can freely see turtles. Educational trails with explanatory signs delight walkers who can admire the waltz of migratory birds. A wonderful walk in the fresh air for two, family or friends!

8. Figueres Market

Figueres market

Photo Credit: Shutterstock – Manuel Ascanio

Yum! Everyone Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 7:30 to 14:00., the market of Figueres gives pride of place to local products. Finally, rather markets: the old one with its own hall (Plaza del Gra) and new (Plaza Catalunya). Good mood, good colors, good taste, good smells: all the ingredients are here to awaken your five senses.

You can sample Iberian specialties such as chorizo, sobrassada, serrano ham, succulent seafood and vitamin-rich organic fruits. In addition, your loved ones will no doubt be happy to receive a bottle of good olive oil or wine as soon as you return, what do you think?

9. Swimming

Empuriabrava - visit Figueres

Photo Credit: Shutterstock – Elena Z.

When you visit Figueres in the summer, it’s fashionable to take advantage of the beautiful sandy stretches of the Costa Brava. They are just a few minutes drive from the city center: the beaches of Portbou, Cap de Creus, the bay Cala del Tres PlatgetesLlanca beaches… You are spoiled for choice!

We also recommend that you head to Empuriabrava, the “Venice of Spain”. This seaside resort has seven kilometers of coastline and is full of tourist and entertainment attractions. By the way, are you more into water sports, parasailing, swimming or lounging around?

10. Church of St. Peter in Figueres

Church of Sant Pere

Photo Credit: Shutterstock – Toniflap

Church of Saint Pierre in Figueres is located on the square of the same name, in the very center of the city. Built in the 10th century in the Romanesque style, throughout history it has been decorated with Gothic elements. Its dome was rebuilt in 1895 by the architect Josep Azemar y Ponta… but the building was badly damaged during the Spanish Civil War.

The spectacular octagonal lantern tower was added later. This historical monument was the place of baptism, first communion and burial of Salvador Dali.

By plane

To come and visit Figueres from the air, there is only one solution:Barcelona airportwhich is found only in 1 hour 30 minutes drive. To find a flight at the best price, use the experience of Skyscanner, an intelligent flight comparator. It is ideal for choosing the most suitable offer for your stay: practical!

By train or bus

Figueres station is served by regional trains from line R11 and the trains Line RG1. This allows easy access to other cities in Catalonia and throughout Spain.

You can also use bus station which is located a few tens of meters from the station. Buses serve major cities in Spain.

By car

Visiting Figueres by car is very convenient to get around. In addition, the Catalan city is easily accessible by road. It is only about twenty kilometers from the French border at Le Perthus.

L’Motorway A9 takes you there directly from Perpignan, Montpellier, Nimes or Orange.

From the Spanish side itAP-7, also called the “Mediterranean Highway”, which serves as the main axis to get there. For example, it connects Figueres with the metropolis of Barcelona and its wonders.

On the boat

Ferries depart for the Costa Brava ports closest to Figueres. You can easily reach the Empuriabrava or Cadaqués marina from the Spanish coastal towns.

Your boat, if you happen to own one, will appreciate the many mooring opportunities in the area. On the other hand, the berths in the port will be on book in advanceespecially in high season!

Where to stay in Figueres?

Whether you’re coming to Figueres for a weekend or a long stay, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the huge choice of accommodation in the city. As for hotels, there are about fifty of them in the city.

Use this excellent hotel comparator to find the hotel that best suits your wants, needs and of course your budget. Apart-hotels, boarding houses and hotels are scattered on both sides of the district.

Of course, private rental housing, many and varied, is a practical and affordable solution. For example, choose your dream apartment on the Airbnb platform to feel at home. We recommend you book in advancethey are in high demand during the high season.

It remains only to choose … and decide on the date of the visit. When do you expect it?

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