TNC Stage 4 – Haras du Lion: At 13 years old, will Vent des Dunes keep their title in Strasbourg?

This Saturday, the National Cross Trophy stops in the east, at the racecourse in Strasbourg. In 2021, 7 participants took part in the Grand Cross, including the TNC 2021 winner Vent des Dunes. Now 13-year-old Daniel Huyon has a lot to do for his comeback against Patrice Quinton Faias and Funky du Mestivel, as well as Lucky Net Love. See you this Saturday at 12:00 to see the race live on Facebook France Sire.

Vent des Dunes will find Faias this Saturday

In 2021 sculptural dune wind 6 years of coach Dragai’s rule ended Patrice Quiton at the Grand Cross of Strasbourg. Winner of two stages, AQPS under control Daniel Wyon won the 2021 National Cross Trophy edition. After a now 13-year-old winter hiatus, Vent des Dunes will resurface on a familiar track, but will have to shed the formidable residents Patrice Quinton and D’Emmanuel Claye. The man from Waumas will present the best weight of the race happy pure lovewho just a few weeks ago won in 3and TNK stage in Linier. Patrice Quinton will bring 2 horses, including an ultra regular. Fayas. The race seems to be very open, and nothing is decided in advance for these 10 participants, who went on the attack on the 5200 meters of the Alsatian hippodrome.


one. happy pure love – 9 years
Coach: Emmanuel Claye
Owner: Patrick Joubert / Paul Couderc
Breeder: Patrick Joubert / Paul Couderc
Jockey: James Revely

True reference to the French cross from the height of his 9 years, happy pure love finished in the top four in 16 of 19 cross country attempts, scoring four victories along the way, including two at the TNC events in Lyon and most recently in Lignères. horse owned Patrick Joubert and Paul Kuderk However, he will have to carry a heavy load of 73 kg, 4 more than during his success in Lignier. Emmanuel Claier however, can rely on English proficiency James Revely give brother a champion pure beautiful the best course possible.

Lucky Net Love and James Revly in Linier

2. Fayas – 11 year old
Coach: Patrice Quinton
Owner: Ms. Patrick Papot
Breeder: Robin Van Haaren
Jockey: Romain Julio

After Lucky Net Love, there is another pattern of regularity. As a result Fayas finished in the top five in the last 12 matches. Due to his accumulated achievements, he too will have to carry a heavy 73 kg load and use every opportunity to get ahead of the horse.Emmanuel Claye who beat him in the last two meetings in Pau and Linier. Grey colour Patrice Quinton he will have to know the Strasbourg circuit well, because he won there twice and concluded 3and this event in 2021.

Faias will be linked with Romain Julio for the second time

3. Funky from Mestivel – 7 years
Coach: Patrice Quinton
Owner: Ecurie des Dunes
Breeder: Michelle Halle
Jockey: Erwan Bureller

Unlike the first two presented horses, Funky from Mestivel has only one exit in the cross-country discipline, it was during the controversial Linier over 6000 meters, where he finished 6th.and classify. Quality steeplechase horse, this sonGolden Archangel won the second Quinté this winter at the difficult Pau circuit. When we know the faculty that Patrice Quinton To form excellent cross-country horses, there is no doubt that we will have to fear this Funky du Mestivel in this event and in the upcoming cross-country races.

Funky du Mestival during the Pau victory ©APRH

4. dune wind – 13 years old
Coach: Daniel Wion
Owner: Daniel Wyon
Breeder: Gilbert-Ernest, Angelica and Natalie Martin.
Jockey: Jimmy Zerurow

regional stage, dune wind is none other than the title holder of this tournament, where he notably beat royal brunch and Faias, whom he will meet again this Saturday. From the top of his 13 year old horse training license Daniel Wyon will try to keep his title this year both in this tournament and in TNC. Son Crillon will have the disadvantage of going back to school for more than 6 months, but will receive 2 kg from his main paper competitors Lucky Net Love and Fayas, and above all will have the advantage of knowing the Strasbourg route like the back of his hand to be there returned 9 times in his career.

Vent des Dunes during his coronation here in 2021.

5. royal brunch – 9 years
Coach: Josef Wana Jr.
Owner: Scuderia Aichner SRL
Breeder: Haras de Mandore
Jockey: Joseph Bartos

Branch Royal, former Representative Laurent Ville and Robert Collet, discovered cross-country in Italy at the age of 6 and since then has achieved 6 successes in the specialty. For his first attempt at a French cross in March 2021, son Sunday break won at the track in Lyon before taking a great 2and Place du Grand Cross in Strasbourg before reaching the Vittel stage. This Saturday will see the return of a horse that hasn’t been seen since he won last November in Poland and Italy.

Brunch Royal visitor, 2nd in this race last year

6. Flash Chenot – 7 years
Coach: Christoph Erpen
Owner: Filipp Shemin
Breeder: Roger Barno
Jockey: Thomas Boraine

Formidable developer of race horses, Christopher Herpin travels from his lands in Normandy to present one of the youngest members of the race Flash Chenot After several attempts on flat ground, in the hurdles and steeplechase, the son coastal path quickly focused on the cross-country specialty, and with success. The Flash de Chenot has already won twice at Craon, Ploermel and Nancy. However, he is rising in this category and will face some of the best horses in the discipline for the first time, and will be linked for the first time. Thomas Borane.

Flash from Chenot to Fontainebleau © APRH

7. Citycleer – 8 years
Coach: Xavier-Louis Le Stang
Owner: Philip van der Linden
Breeder: Nathalie Mahe, Roger-Yves and Nicolas Simon
Jockey: Quentin Defontaine

At the beginning of the year, an 8-year-old boy was redirected to cross-country running by his trainer. Citycleer He seems to have adapted perfectly to his new profession. After a good start in the specialty at Paray-le-Monial, Soul City’s son won at Lyon Parilly. Horse Xavier-Louis Le Stang it will be difficult to face very experienced opponents here and he will only have a 5-day break between his last outing on Monday at the Blaine Cross, which is also contested in the 5800m long distance.



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