Thor Love and Thunder: These fun new characters will be back with the Guardians of the Galaxy

Comedian Chris Pratt, who plays Star-Lord in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), has just confirmed that Disney+’s Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special will take place after the events of Thor: Love and Thunder. This platform program will also bring back two characters from the blockbuster Taika Waititi.

Thor Love and Thunder : return of the asgardian

The director is still Taika Waititi. Thor: Love and Thunder will be based on Jason Aaron’s comics.. The bow in which Thor loses Mjolnir and his ability to become Odinson. The enchanted hammer then finds Jane Foster. who becomes the new goddess of thunder. The only problem is that she has terminal cancer and every transformation she makes weakens her a bit. And in the midst of it all, a brand new villain emerges: Gorr the Butcher whose goal is to kill all the gods of creation..

Thor: Love and Thunder © Walt Disney Studios

Taika Waititi should take liberties with Jason Aaron’s comics. Thor: Love and Thunder in any case, it will unite iconic characters. Along with the return of Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), the film will also bring back Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), the Guardians of the Galaxy and Korg (Taika Waititi), as well as introducing new characters such as Gorr (Christian Bale) and Zeus (Russell Crowe).

Will the two goats return soon?

Thor: Love and Thunder will also introduce two new characters to MCU viewers. In the comics, when Thor loses his powers, he also loses his ability to fly through the air. Then he uses two mounts straight out of Norse legend: Tooth Cutter and Tooth Grinder. They are two huge flying goats that Odinson rides when he can no longer use Mjolnir. The two animals are present in the comics and will therefore be featured in the movie in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Thor: Love and Thunder
Thor: Love and Thunder © Walt Disney Studios

And both of these mammals will definitely return to the MCU in the future. Indeed, according to a recent statement by Chris Pratt, Gnasher and Gear Grinder will return Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special. expected for December 2022 on Disney+is a 40-minute short film directed by James Gunn himself (director of the trilogy guardians of the galaxy). Thus, this program will tell about the unprecedented adventure of the Guardians during the Christmas period. In a recent interview with Screen rantingChris Pratt explained that Gear Cutter and Gear Grinder will return. He clarified that this is Taika Waititi’s decision for piss off your buddy James Gunn. Indeed, he explains that at the end Thor: Love and Thunder, Guardians of the Galaxy Bring Back the Grinding of Teeth and Grinding of Teeth. And we’ll find all those little people in Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special:

Waititi just wanted to block James with goats. James needs to pick up where Taika left off, and he forced space goats on us. Generally, MCU directors don’t force themselves into something in the background. But I think Taika is kind of playing by her own rules… I think it’s kind of a joke on James.

Even though Chris Pratt doesn’t confirm that this furry duo will clearly be back in Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Specialthis is the most logical possibility, since The TV movie takes place immediately after the events Thor: Love and Thunder. Either way, it’s a way for the two directors to have some fun. It must be said that Taika Waititi and James Gunn very similar movie, led by a pop, colorful and quirky approach highly appreciated by the general public. As for Grinding Teeth and the Gear Grinder, they could have come from the first film in the franchise. Thor, but at the time, Marvel Studios thought the idea was too absurd… See you on July 13, 2022 at the cinema on Thor: Love and Thunder.

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