The rookie group team starts their adventure by winning the Aiguille.

A new project launched by Pascal Adda and Sandy Dussaud-Billault, the Ecurie des Novices began their adventure in the most beautiful way when they saw their first runner, Aiguille, round the post up front at Fontainebleau. This group stable brings together 111 participants who paid 490 or 1560 depending on the size of their share. 7 horses belonging to the stable were bought at the sales and taken to the races at the age of 2 years.

First newcomer, first Ecurie des Novices winner! © APRK

On the occasion of the Prix des Alisier, the 1000m Fontainebleau 2-year-old competition held on Tuesday, the Ecurie des Novices signed its first winner for its first runner thanks to Needle. This group stable is a brand new property adventure run by Pascal Adda and Sandy Dousso-Billot. Operating on the same principle as the Premier Pas Stable, the Beginner Stable aims to buy and keep 2-year-olds, selected in the pre-development sales and mostly in the Osarus de La Teste sale. Currently 5 2 years in the state Pascal Adda and François Renaultand 2 others, less developed, which are undergoing preliminary training.

Needle and Frida Valle Scar © APRH

Phoned, Sandy Dousso-Billot explains to us about this new team: every time we create a new stable, we try to offer something new. With the Premier Pas and Novice stables, the idea was to let members dream by buying yearlings. There are currently 111 members with a choice of a share of €490 or €1,560. “She keeps having fun” Surprisingly, after Aiguille’s victory, I had several requests from people who forgot to send in their membership file! “.

In our articles on France Sire we often praise the success of the union model, which is widespread in other major racing countries such as England, the USA and especially Australia. In France for many years Pascal Adda really launched and democratized this system. On the profile of the group’s stable members, Sandy Dousso-Billot teaches us: “Ithere has been great loyalty from our members over the years. Some have been there since the first RMC stable, where the entrance ticket cost 50 euros, and are investing more and more to enter the novice stable, for example, for more than 1500 euros. For those who want to invest even more, we also offer to own 1% of the horses. »

Pascal Adda with members of the RMC stable ©APRH

We see here that these group stables are a good way to find new owners. With an affordable entry ticket and without undue risk, new people can gradually take the plunge and become horse owners. For the benefit of these group stables, Sandy Dousso-Billot explain to us: “Our job is to provide as much information as possible in order to be as transparent as possible about the life of the team. Team members trust us and are fully involved in day-to-day decision making. For example, the choice of jacket for the rookie stable was voted on. When asked if he had any new stable ideas in mind, Pascal Adda answers us: obviously ! You always have to move forward. I would like to create a higher class team with higher entry fees, but due to the law on public offerings, I am limited in what I can do. In other countries, this law does not exist, and it prevents the creation of new projects. »


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