The municipality of Offranville is focusing on energy conservation in order to reduce its debt.

Offranville (Seine-Maritime) wants to save on energy costs. (© Les Informations Dieppoises)

finance were the number one topic at the meeting municipal council fromOffranville (Seine-Maritime) dated April 7, 2022.

The municipality’s elected officials voted on the 2021 administrative records and provisional 2022 budgets.

Economy has been the watchword of the municipal majority ever since Mayor Imelda Vandekandelaer has ruled the city.

A course of action that is part of a dual goal: to improve the living conditions of residents and to invest without resorting to loans.

The accounts for 2021 are satisfactory, with strict spending management resulting in a total cumulative surplus of €1,244,998. All investments were self-financed.

Opposition abstains

However, the elected representatives of the opposition chose to abstain, which could not but irritate some members of the majority.

One of the elected officials challenged them, asking why they did not vote for an “excellent” result.

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“I don’t see why we have to vote on administrative records since we don’t attend meetings and they make sure to send us documents at the last minute,” said Ghislaine Payne and Annick Boraine.

Debt has almost halved

For 2022, the initial budget provides for an operating surplus of €1,457,670, including €1,116,612 for investment work.

Outstanding debt decreased from EUR 4,709,301 in 2014 to EUR 2,151,596 in 2021, i.e. by more than 54%.

However, the debt per inhabitant of €638.27 remains high compared to other similar municipalities.

Energy to save

For Imelda Vandekandeleer, there are no small savings, but responsible investment is needed to further tip the scales towards lower costs.

The 2022 budget emphasizes energy conservation, safety, transition to standards and heritage conservation.

A major public lighting program is planned, including switching many light points to LEDs, installing astronomical clocks and dimming lights by 30% during certain hours of the night.

Public lighting works are planned at the Gendarmerie, Rue André Gide, Rue Jean Jaurès, Rue du Château and Rue Neufmenil, totaling €215,688.

Among other planned works, the municipality plans to:

  • bringing fire protection to the standard
  • accessibility for people with reduced mobility in public places
  • some road work
  • protected facilities around schools
  • installation of seven additional surveillance cameras at the intersection of bakeries, avenue de la Étre, at the entrance to the Parc du Colombier, near the college and on four axes of entry to the agglomeration.

In 2022 there should also be:

  • development of an elevated platform on the Colmenil road
  • gym track repair
  • installation of pens for ponies and horses of the equestrian center
  • the purchase of 16 CO2 sensors for schools, the construction of a multi-sport field and the renewal of equipment for various utilities.

What to do with the municipality.

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