The horse balneotherapy center has opened its doors in Grange.

Aline Mayus and Julien Philippe prepare the Flash for a demonstration in the upstream corridor.
Aline Mayus and Julien Philippe prepare the Flash for a demonstration in the upstream corridor. (© Pays d’Auge)

In Grangues (Calvados), right in the middle of the countryside, on land suitable for keeping horses in the Auger region, the Hipp’eau Therapie, a center for training, re-education and healing through water, has just opened. for horses.

This new horse establishment was designed and created by Aline Majus, a equine veterinarian graduated from the University of Liège in 2013, trained in general medicine, hospital care, emergency care, anesthesia, radiographic techniques, in collaboration with Julien Philippe, a professional equestrian.

Liberal since 2016, she travels to the stables and hippodromes of Normandy and walks a lot on the sea. Then the idea comes to create a center that replicates the beneficial effects of water. “I realized that something was missing in my general practice in order to best help horses for recreation, racing or sports, train or rehabilitate them,” explains the project designer.

Luckily, the opportunity arose to purchase a 2000 m² agricultural plot located between Cabourg and Deauville. The project is maturing. “I’m going to do thalassotherapy, but in a building with three pools that horses can swim in.” A building permit has been obtained and work will begin in March 2020. They will take two years to complete. “The health crisis was there and had a strong impact on the site. It was very difficult, but we did it.”

In the center there is a swimming path, pools with cold and hot water.
In the center there is a swimming path, pools with cold and hot water. (© Pays d’Auge)

Reduce the amount of medication

This €1 million balneotherapy center for horses, privately funded and partly subsidized by the Normandy region and FEADER, consists among other things of boxes, a covered carousel in the sand of Fontainebleau, a swimming track (length 30 m, depth 3.5 m with 3 – high-speed countercurrent) and treatment cabins. Next to it is a cold water pool (8°) and a hot water pool (30°). “This allows, as in the Norwegian spa system, to alternate between hot and cold, which has an effect on the animal’s tissues and circulation.”

Through these opportunities, “we accept horses for a day, a week, or even a month.” Various formulas are available: holidays with moderate training, intensive training, à la carte sessions with swimming or thermal baths, walking or corral walks, massage-algotherapy-laser.

This balneological center for horses also offers post-traumatic recovery.

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A horse that has been operated on or is recovering from an injury will be able to gradually return to work due to the reach of the water and the heat on offer.

Aline MajusEquine Veterinarian

These different approaches reduce the use of drugs and use the physical effects of the water to the benefit of the horse.

Namely, that in the boxes, as well as in the balneotherapy area, there is a healthy environment that contributes to the relaxation of the horses.

Practice: SARL Hipp’eau Therapie, 500, route des Hauts de Grangues, 14160 Grangues. Contact: 06 30 50 95 71 or 07 50 50 14 82, [email protected],

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