“The foundations are not laid” at the mental level, according to a specialist

Do you think the problem of the Girondins is mental in nature?

We cannot say so. Physical, technical, tactical, and mental are the four pillars of performance, and boundaries are not watertight. One will influence the other. If you are physically unwell, you may begin to doubt; if you ask yourself questions, you will make mistakes. For Bordeaux, a little bit of everything, but it is obvious that there are difficulties on the mental level.

How do you see it?

Attitude, faces. We read the form of anxiety. In Wednesday’s match, everyone celebrates the character of Saint-Étienne. But with the score at 2-0, Saint-Étienne coach Pascal Duprat and his assistant Julien Sablé were a little nervous, which is understandable when something goes wrong. The first goal calmed them down. On the contrary, in all Girondins matches, even when they are in the lead, we feel this self-fulfilling prophecy: we take bags, we defend poorly, so we will inevitably concede goals. After hearing this, they may be very monopolized by this idea.

What is the ranking weight?

I don’t get the impression that they were mentally broken the day they were in the take-off position. I remember the match with Nice at the end of August (4-0), where they seemed to have already lost. I see a deficit that has accumulated over time, which has intensified. And now the movement under negative pressure is highlighting this. This might be a problem. Awareness should have come sooner.

“I feel like the foundations were never laid collectively on a mental level”

Managers, coaches and players always have a “positive attitude” towards the media. Is it necessary or is there a risk of rejection?

I think this is a way to express yourself to the public. They protect themselves. If we put ourselves in their place, it makes sense. On the other hand, I think there is a lot of work to be done internally for everyone to be honest with themselves. I’m not talking about the famous “we tell each other things” where everyone will speak freely without a filter and where we will stop there. We must speak to each other with kindness and, above all, take action to help. If the subject line is “I’m not focused enough”, the answer will be “OK, but what are we doing to be more focused?” It’s difficult for a coach to achieve this because he himself is under the influence. That’s where it’s interesting to have someone from the outside in place.

In an attempt to change the dynamic, in January the leaders decided to change leaders so that they would control the rest of the group. Is this a solution?

During the season, I often hear the word “leverage”. But levers are for cars. We’re talking about being human. You must work for the long term. We don’t have to wait for a providential person, whether on the field or at the coach’s. It seems to me that the foundation and the refuge were never laid collectively on the mental plane. After that, once the season has started, there is no more time and lost points cannot be made up. Asking someone to remodel their house in February is difficult and puts a lot of pressure on them.

Could the January layoffs, the Costil-Kocielny “case” have affected other players?

It’s hard to say because I don’t know how the players get along with each other, how they influence each other. It is very personal and differs from one to another.

Should we say to ourselves “we have nothing more to lose” today to let the horses go?

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