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After losing the Coupe de France final, SIG Strasbourg is already back to work, heading to the Orléans site on Wednesday, April 24 (at 20:00 live on LNBTV). With six games left in the regular season, the final sprint has begun like never before!

No need to lie, a final loss is never easy, but Saturday’s loss at the Accor Arena was hard to digest. Everyone noticed dejected faces at the final whistle and very closed faces at the exit from the parquet floor, and even on Sunday morning on the platform of the station spoke about a lot. Make no mistake, no one believed that they came to the end, even if on Saturday no one recognized this team, the ghost of SIG Strasbourg, so heroic in the past.

L. Tuovi: “frustrated with our way of life”
The first casualty was undoubtedly coach Lassi Tuovi. The one who prepared this event to the millimeter, trying to perfect every element in order to put his team in the best condition, does not hide this: “ Yes, I think this defeat affected me more than others. Without tree language details tactics “There was a lot of preparation for this match, but also a lot of excitement. This applies to all matches, but this time we had a week to prepare for the final. I was very disappointed because we didn’t do our best. First of all, I was more disappointed with the way we behaved during the match than with the result itself. When you play a very good match and you lose, the other team is better. After Holon, two losses and the end of the BHL season, I wasn’t so disappointed because we couldn’t have done better. That was not the case.”

As for the players, the word that came out at the end of the match was the same for almost everyone: disappointment. Gaylor Currier confirms this: The feeling associated with this defeat is disappointment. We didn’t play the way we know how. We were overwhelmed by this event and there was a lot of tension. I think this pseudo-beloved role could hurt us a little. We wanted to “succeed” too much and forgot to let the horses go. “Basically, SIG Strasbourg likes to play the role of underdog, we all understand that, but this defeat in no way calls into question the season or the group’s mood. Gaylor would like to point this out: We did not answer this match, but we answered others where we were not expected. We are capable of anything and I hope that now that we have taken the pressure off that we know how things are in these kinds of tournaments, it will help us in the playoffs because we still have a lot of things to do together. “. The point of view, fully shared by the coach: “WithThis defeat allows us to doubt ourselves, learn and motivate ourselves for the next matches.”

And there is definitely a next one with a trip to Orleans. “The day after”, for which you will need to show your true face. And inevitably, when you think of Orleans, how can you not remember Gaylor, who spent three seasons there. ” I have many good memories of Orleans, my last game with them was in a Jeep Elite. Final won, final lost, we had our ups and downs, Orleans was an emotional experience and I met some great people there. I know how well Germain Castano motivates his troops. He is very good at it. He is a real leader of men, he is very unifying. I remember when we played at home we knew we could beat anyone because everyone was on fire. There is a certain freedom in their form of play, and it is a small room that the audience presses into. I expect them to bring a lot of rhythm and euphoria to their game and we will have to be present in physical combat to slow them down as much as possible. “.

G. Curie: “motivation and a certain desire to win”
And a matter of Orleans euphoria, JL Bourg must testify. Who didn’t see this incredible comeback on Sunday!? Led by 32 points at halftime, Jeremy Nzeuli’s group swept over JL to cool off and finally win. A 10th victory that did them good in the race for maintenance (15th with 10V and 19D). Coach Tuovi also followed this match live: I saw their incredible comeback against JL Bourg. This proves the great psychological strength of the team. At -30 many teams would have given up. It was very impressive! We will have to be very careful, because tomorrow they will surely have the same mood.” In the final race to the playoffs, the next deadlines will be very important anyway. ” There are six regular season games left. The next three games against Orleans, Burg and Roan will set the direction for us. Every victory matters. It will happen very quickly, so we have to stay focused, keep running in the championship to reach our goal.”

The pressure that was felt on the Saturday before the final did not have good consequences. Let’s not lie to each other, the pressure to return the victory to the Loire is also very strong. Let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself and the team really learned from this big Accor Arena mistake. Gaylor Currier responded to this thread: ” Maybe this time the pressure will help. We will have to go for victories because we are in an emergency. We need wins right now. I hope this will be more than enough to re-motivate the troops and go after them. In any case, in the dressing room we feel a maximum of motivation, as well as some rage to win. “.

Rage to conquer “the day after tomorrow”, that’s what we wanted to hear… But words are no longer enough, and now we want actions to repeat words! See you from 20:00 for the first answers.




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