the bite can cause an allergy to red meat

The most well-known carriers of Lyme disease, some ticks can also cause a meat allergy known as alpha-gal syndrome. Title: Ambliomma american. In English, he is called “Lone Star”, in other words, “star mite” because of his white spot on his back. As a result, its saliva makes you allergic to alpha-gal, the carbohydrate found in red meat..

Meat Allergy: Alpha-Gal Carbohydrate Involved

Recall that ticks belong to the arachnid family, like ticks and spiders, and are hematophagous, that is, they feed on blood. As a rule, they attack mammals (mice, rabbits or deer), as well as birds and reptiles. It is when feeding these animals that they consume these carbohydrates responsible for the syndrome. which is dangerous for humans.

As a result, humans do not possess alpha gal. Therefore, when a tick bites a person, when he is a carrier of the syndrome, the absorbed carbohydrate will be considered by the human body as a foreign substance. Therefore, an immune response will be created by producing antibodies. But although alpha-gal is present in red meat, if eaten by a person bitten by a star mite, the immune system recognizes the carbohydrate as a foreign substance. Result: the body reacts more strongly to a tick bite and causes a serious allergy to it.

Tick ​​Bite: An Allergic Reaction That Can Be Fatal

Thus, after eating red meat, allergies can lead to skin rash, hives, itching, swelling, shortness of breath, headache, abdominal pain, diarrhea or vomiting. In the most severe cases, a person may suffer from anaphylaxis, a life-threatening allergic reaction. But the most dangerous thing is that alpha-gal syndrome is difficult to diagnose, because. an allergic reaction occurs a few hours after eating meat. In addition, red meat allergies are lifelong and may even worsen over time.

This also applies to Keith Tremel. This American grill chef told the Washington Post that he developed alpha gal syndrome after being bitten by a tick five years ago. “I was bitten in the thigh by a tick while I was sleeping. It woke me up. I removed the tick and immediately saw a white dot,” he says. “Recently, I read an article about alpha mites and immediately recognized it. I wouldn’t say the bite was painful, but it woke me up.”

it is today severe allergy to most types of meat what does he cook on duty wear rubber gloves when handling red meat, otherwise a rash may develop.. “Before I was diagnosed, I loved bacon cheeseburgers. My wife and two kids love it too, so making it for them can be torture,” says Keith Tremel. “As for barbecue contests and catering, now I’m used to it, but at first it was frustrating.”

Allergies are still rare in Europe

However, the allergy remained. rare in Europe as there are only about sixty cases. But it mostly happens in the southeastern United States and is spreading more and more to the north of the country. In addition, other researchers are trying to figure out if they are the same mites all over the country, or if each region has a special variety that could develop depending on different climatic conditions.

However, global warming may contribute to an increase in the number of ticks. According to Michael Raupp, professor of entomology at the University of Maryland, in an interview with The Washington Post:warmer winter temperatures allow more ticks to survive the generally harsh seasons.. Mild weather in autumn, winter and spring also allows them to actively search for hosts for longer periods of time, which increases their chances of survival.”

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