The bet is held at the Ile Arro racecourse in Orleans!

“As a child, I played with my uncle and father. I never stopped.” Josephresident of Saint-Jean-de-Bray, is one of 719 visitors who tried to bet on the right horse, this Monday, April 18, at Orleans Hippodrome on the Isle of Arro.

On this first day of the season, after two years interrupted by the pandemic, he came with his wife and friends.

However, enthusiast accustomed to act alone. “I like horses. I even dreamed of being a jockeybut I don’t have the right size,” explains one who explores many fields across France:

“During the health crisis, while racing behind closed doors, I settled on the Loire dam… I still saw them running!”

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Prior to his arrival, the “professional”, as his relatives call him, browsed horse racing websites to make the right choice. He regrets that horse performance Do not be insufficient detail according to the program provided by the hippodrome.

“Whether we play for 2 euros or 1000 euros, the adrenaline is the same!”

joseph plays more out of love for animals than out of self-interest. However, he always invests money, even if it means loss, then “recovery”. “You have to bet at least 2 euros, the main bet, otherwise it will have no interest,” he says.

What confirm Regina and Patricia, two friends from Orleans who enjoy going to the races when the weather is fine. “Whether we play for 2 euros or 1000 euros, the adrenaline is the same!” they say.

They admit that they do not know enough about this world to easily overcome obstacles. But don’t care. “We don’t know horses or jockeys here. We follow our feelings and become attached to the names of animals. This is important,” they smile.

Enzo, 8, prefers to bet on his favorite numbers. He spends the day with his family. This is the second time he has attended the races. The boy “loves the finish line” when the horses go head to head.

His aunt Marion too. “People are screaming, you feel the excitement. This is the atmosphere we are looking for.because we’re not enthusiasts.” Whether it’s a trial gallop or a trot, spectators enjoy the new track.

“The Easter Monday meeting is traditionally the most attended. if we make 600 to 700 records, we will be delighted“, specified Philip Fish, president of the Racing Society, in the afternoon. Deal ! He also recalled the importance of the number of entered horses. “All races are full. We even had to add one. It proves that the teams want to come to Orleans.”

The resumption of the trot this Easter Monday at the hippodrome in Orléans.

Anne-Laure Le Jean


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