Sweet whipped cream. Horse racing: Fabrice Vermeulin temporarily suspended from training race horses

Fabrice Vermeulin no longer has the right to own a racehorse in his own name and train him for six months. – Photo: France Gallop.

He is undoubtedly one of the best French coaches of our time. But Fabrice Vermeulin, whose stable is in Bois-Saint-Denis in Chantilly, is in grave danger as his career suffers a major setback. The disciplinary authorities of France Galop, the organization that organizes flat-track racing and obstacle course in France, have indeed just confirmed a suspension of six months (including three suspended with the possibility of revocation within five years) of the training permit. He is also prohibited from owning a horse in his own name or as a lessor, tenant, partner or shareholder during the same period.

Fabrice Vermeulen’s company is going through a very difficult economic situation due to unpaid bills and the health crisis.“, refers one of his advisers, who also recalls that this company is the subject of a recovery plan extended by two years on April 21, 2021 by the Commercial Court of Compiègne.

Suspension in the middle of the season

One of the lawyers also explains that a sanction like the one issued at first instance by France Galop’s disciplinary bodies would have irreversible consequences for society. “This is the subject of a recovery plan, and his economic situation is such that it is necessary to reach the end of this plan, he explains. The ban on the activities of the company for three months means its forced liquidation. As such, Fabrice Vermeulin will be suspended from 28 April to 28 July 2022 due to violations of billing terms and declarations of ownership.

Obviously, the trainer is being accused of wanting to circumvent the law regarding the ownership of the horses he was racing. This suspension occurs when the season is in full swing with the biggest events on the racing calendar. Thus, the name of Fabrice Vermeulin will not appear in the programs Poules d’essai des foals and fillies, the Prix du Jockey Club or the Prix de Diane. A huge disadvantage for a coach who has very good horses in the pits, able to shine in the most beautiful races of the calendar.

A career full of ups and downs

The career of Fabrice Vermeulin, who has been working in France since 2014, initially consisted of ups and downs. But the tandem he forms with his friend Jérémie Pará has given him a place among the country’s top pros, as evidenced by Lily Candle’s victory at the Qatar Prize Marseille-Boussac, Group I (equestrian’s highest level). Racing ), designed for the best fillies in the world, in 2018.
Jérémy Para was much talked about during the study of the Vermeulin dossier by the Commissioners of France Galop. In the world of racing, the bonds between two men are known to all. However, Jeremy Para is the focus of the central racing and gaming service. In particular, he is forbidden to own a racehorse. “What Fabrice Vermeulin Can’t Ignore“, according to France’s Galop commissioners. However, several invoices and financial arrangements prove that Jérémy Para still takes center stage. This led to Fabrice Vermeulin’s case being suspended for three months.
The disciplinary authorities also sanctioned Jérémy Par, banning him from the reserved enclosures of racing companies and revoking his professional access card to said enclosures for a period of twelve months, accompanied by a six-month suspended sentence.

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