Story: Feytiat Basket 87 advanced to NF1 playoffs

Feytiacoises needed to win to advance to the final phase of NF1, and they did (81-47). It took a long time to figure it out. Half, exactly (36-33). It’s time for Elise Cammas, former Limoges ABC, to remember that she was a very good player (16 points to 6 out of 10 in one half).

Feytiacoises so close to the target

As if paralyzed by the ordeal in the first period, the daughters of Cyril Siccic released the horses, returning from the locker room. And it gave rise to incredible fireworks. 29-0 in the third quarter. 29-0. 29-0 (yes, you read that right). The Feytiacoises were on the royal road to the playoffs (65-33, 30th) in an overheated atmosphere. They finished with +34 (81-47).

They only lost one game
at the return stage

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This is a fair reward for girls who, with a quantitatively limited group, will fully believe in their chances of qualifying. Having conceded three defeats in the first leg (in Nice, Roan and Voiron), they lost only once in the return phase (at home against Voiron, a month ago). After this defeat, their chances of reaching the playoffs became more complicated. Even incredible. But the merit of teammates Caroline Misset is that they continued to believe in it. To end.

premium Three days before the end, NF1 coaches predicted Feitiat to reach the playoffs

Facing Monaco in the Coupe de France semi-final (69-73), they beat the leader at home in a previously impregnable room (74-59). What’s more, Voiron lost last week in Roanne (92-72) when a victory would have secured him a place in the Top 2. All they had to do was win this Saturday night. Ready. With an image.

Moreover, Feitiat finished the regular season with the best offense (average 72.3 points) and the best defense (55 points vs. average) in his pool.

Come out with an advantage in the playoffs

They will start the playoffs with two wins (resulting from Monaco, the other qualified in the regular season), while So and Le Havre have only one success and Monaco none. Two or even one victory in four matches would have allowed Feitiat to reach Ligue 2.

The championship’s second top scorer, Feytiat Basket 87 captain Caroline Misset, is on assignment

Finally, we will not forget to remember that two years ago Caroline Misset, Tifan Melua and Irma Rahmanović signed with Feytiat Basket 87 and their team led by Cyril Siksic, an exceptional and historic undefeated season after 18 days. The Covid season then ended and the FFBB decided not to reward their dominance. On this Saturday evening, the trio and the entire club reached their first goal: the playoffs. He has two left: a promotion in the women’s league 2 and the title of French champion in NF1. This announces the exciting month of May…

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