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Horseback riding combines exploring green surroundings and quiet places with real socializing in the company of your horse. At Roque aux Loups, 10 km north of Laval, in Mayenne, you can immerse yourself in untouched nature. With a few odd spots, such as a horse station, a ginget version of the banks of the Marne.

9 am in the small town of Andouille at the equestrian center Le Roc au Loup. Welcome sequence with horse.

The hike always starts with contact with the animal and a little technical preparation.

“Lwell go through the lanyard and you need to tighten everything well“Explains Chloe Dumorat, instructor in charge of a small group of beginner riders.

Then a place for a walk.

For a day through the bocage, forest, rivers.

Several hours were divided between complicity with his mount and the soothing natural setting.

Hiking is an activity that you take your time.

Here we take a refreshing break for the horses“instructor details”because the grass is rich enough in water for the season“.

We’ve just passed different hilly paths with a few rocks, so we’re moving at a fairly relaxed pace.Chloe adds.

Le Roc aux Loups, this equestrian center in the north of Mayenne, also breeds Camargue horses.

Thus, all walks are carried out with these modest and rather peaceful animals. Which is perfect for younger children.

What’s good is that we can be on a horse and we’re outdoors“confirm Noah”and not many people“.

La guinguette de Montflours is the only equestrian stop on the trail.

Here, mounts can be attached in the good old western or restored.

This is a ginguette castle located in front of the Rochefort bridge.t “accurate Roche de Robien of the Gainget de Montflour.

There is a small paddock for horses in the shade.Roch adds.

Here it is enough to put on saddles and bridles and have a quiet lunch with a resting horse.“, he concludes.

For Leela, a young day rider, the pleasure of hiking is above all else.”communicate with your horse and share good moments with other tourists“.

Today we make a big hike through different landscapes” she explains.

“It can be roads, trails, lots of places to discoverLily is happy.

And Mayenne has what you need” she concludes with a smile.

But the trips are not limited to the pulpit.

Always with Camargue horses, the organizers do not forget about the wealth of neighboring regions.

We offer hikes in La Plaine-sur-Mer and we also go to Mont Saint-Michel.“Marie-Anne Lefort, manager of the Roc au Loup equestrian center explains.

We drive there in a truck with our horses and riders and spend the day there.she explains.

We will cross the bay and visit Mont Saint-Michel. Then we cross the bay in the other direction at a walk, trot and gallop. With 10-15 riders it is very popular every year.“assures Marie Anne Lefort.

While waiting for rowing in Couesnon, the horses cross the river Ernie without forgetting their origins from the Camargue.

There are 7,000 equestrian centers in France, many of which develop this hiking tourism.

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