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horse racing / 04/11/2022

France is a beautiful country, and a country of beautiful races. The only small problem is that the races don’t run at the same pace! Not to mention our variety of racetracks and tracks… A real headache to compare the results between them (there are days when you would like to be in America, which knows only the left pitch and where all the races are from start to finish). ).

So, since we are French, we are asked the question: how to compare two controversial races on two different race tracks? At a different distance? At a different pace? (etc.) The answer belongs to the number 1 part-time expert Bruno Barbero. For JDG, he analyzed the timing of the four classic prep sessions that had just taken place between Deauville and Longchamp. Four qualifying trials, where – that’s good – there was a lot of talk about the train. Four scenarios and four winners. Which of them is more likely to shine at the Gr1 level? Go to page 2.

“For the re-opening of ParisLongchamp last Sunday, the pitch was perfect: measured at 3.9, it was actually steeper, as evidenced by the acceleration phases throughout the day … even if only disadvantages, such as too often, quarreled at the electoral step!

We reached heights without selection in Prix La Force (Gr3, 1800m). No leader, draft horses, a race to fall: La Force didn’t play its part. He is the most experienced and manageable horse, Mr. Saint Paul (Darian), who imposed himself, owed nothing to anyone. However, he only has the fourth-best 400m boost on the bar. Walmer Magic (Gris de Gris) – the note of the race. It was he who accelerated the most, overcoming the last 600 m in 33”73 (against 34”43 for the winner) and the last 400 m in 21”58 (against 22”44 for Mister Saint Paul). We can calculate that in the last 600 meters the resident Jean-Pierre Govin was three and a half lengths taller than the winner.

The filly race, Prix Vanteaux, was more regular, and Bishop Sevigne (Shiyuni), the winner, was the best of all. His intermediate time in the last 600 meters is equivalent to that of the second, Know thyself (Galileo), but we have a feeling that if the race continues, then the gap of one and a half lengths between the two fillies will remain. If we combine the Prix de La Force and Vanto, Mxe de Sévigné would outstrip Mr. Saint-Paul by twenty-seven corps.

Jabal and Carelessness, yin and yang. On Thursday in Deauville, the ground conditions were much more difficult than in ParisLongchamp: a penetrometric index of 4.4. In a scenario completely opposite to that of La Force, the Prix Djebel foals were going fast, very fast on this difficult ground. rock boy (Rock of Gibraltar), the winner, was the only one able to increase speed in the last 400m. We saw the truth: horses that didn’t hold or went too fast on this ground gave up. Rock Boy is a very clear Gr3 winner, his value can be estimated at 47. Second, Lubeizen (Kheleif), showed his limits in terms of possession.

The prize of indiscretion, held thirty minutes later, was played at a much slower pace: the jockeys probably corrected the situation, deeming that they were going too fast on the Jebel. Thus, the excess of speed turned into an excess of slowness! We also saw two very good fillies, Malavat (Mehmas), who covered the last 400 m in 23”62 years, and ** (Wootton Bassett) who will enter this race and be the best in the 1600m. If we have to compare the men and their women in terms of their rigorous performances, it was Rock Boy who achieved the best result, both in terms of total time and in terms of intermediate time. »


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