Screen Week: A Sensitive Look at Transgender Reality

MONTREAL – Here is The Canadian Press TV column for the week of May 8-14, 2022:

A new documentary series sheds light on the surgical process of gender affirmation. The New Day team gained access to GrS Montreal Hospital, the only hospital center specializing in gender affirmation surgery in the country.

In eight episodes, director Emily Rickard-Harvey testifies to the reality of transgender people, accompanied by GrS Montreal hospital staff who embark on this surgical process.

The Montreal Surgical Complex opened its doors to a manufacturing group for the first time. Instead of focusing on the operation itself, the series focuses on people during their transition as well as the daily lives of the staff at the Transaffirmative Surgery Clinic.

Crave – Starting Wednesday, May 11th.

local immigrants

In the 13-episode documentary series, Raed Hammoud takes viewers through the four corners of Quebec to meet new Quebecers. Originally from Lebanese and living in Niger, the facilitator knows the reality of new arrivals and the difficulties involved.

In addition to major urban centers, there are immigrants who choose to settle in Perse, Carlton-sur-Mer, Piopolis or East Farnam. Raed Hammoud went to meet with the people of the region.

In Voltage Immigrants, we learn about the journey of people like Eden Amegbo, who came from Togo at the age of 20 to study industrial electronics. Twenty years and a retraining later, he works as a market gardener in Brom, Mississua, making baskets of vegetables for the local community.

TV5 – starting Tuesday, May 3 at 20:00.

Biodiversity in the spotlight

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, ICI Explora continues the celebration that began on Earth Day April 22nd. In May, his special evening will focus on biodiversity.

On May 10 at 6:00 pm, the program will begin with the Incredible Insects documentary to discover the largest group of animals on Earth that has evolved millions of years.

Fans of small mammals will be able to learn more about weasels, ermines and otters, predators endowed with great dexterity.

Another documentary will feature British naturalist David Attenborough answering all your questions about the egg, from its creation to the birth of the chick.

For those who are interested in the drop, this will be an opportunity to discover this gigantic cell, which is neither animal nor vegetable nor fungal. This single-celled, billion-year-old organism challenges our understanding of the intelligence of living beings.

Finally, this 12 month report will let you admire the largest coral reef in the world, the Great Barrier Reef, off the coast of Australia.

ICI Explora will then continue to celebrate its first decade with special programs on a different theme every 10th of the month until December.

HERE Explora – Tuesday, May 10 at 6:00 pm.

Love in the App Age

Writer, poet and actor Simon Bouleris brings his novel “Gélocaliser l’amour” to the screen in a mini-series of the same name. The 10 adult episodes explore the vagaries of romantic encounters in the app age.

Frustration, turmoil, and confusion punctuate the journey of finding a soul mate—or a one-night stand—on dating apps. Simon Buleris retells these stories poetically, each more anecdotal than the last.

This story of sexual conquest also hides loneliness and the need to feel wanted. Love in the age of smartphones is multifaceted.

Simon Buleris himself takes on the lead role. Directed by Nicolas Legendre-Duplessis, he is accompanied on screen by Jocelyn Lebeau, Gabrielle Lemire, Lucien Abbondanza Bergeron, José Deschen and Luc Senai.

HERE TOU.TV EXTRA! – From Thursday, May 5th.

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