Saumur Prize (Steeplechase): Gex opens a gap in the direction of the Grand Steeplechase.

horse racing / 04/14/2022

Saumur Prize (steeplechase)

Gex opens a gap to the Great Spire

Gex (Halkevy) returned to steeplechase at the Prix de Saumur after a modest return to the Prix Juigné (Gr3). 74k weightedgram, Lord Daresbury’s representative and André Cypre galloped just behind the lead horses. Perfect in his jumps, he took control at the end of the inside lane. Between the last two hurdles, Gex controlled the race before breaking away on level ground, only leaning on his hands, winning easily. His breeder and co-owner Jacques Kipres told us: Gex is a very good horse, but he is restless. Today it was better to run with 74kgram rather than the William Head Prize (left) against a higher field where there would necessarily be a tougher race. Today he frolicked all the way and easily won. He was only on his third steeplechase course, but I remember that Bernard Sekli was already in horse racing with little steeplechase experience in the past. At first we planned to hold Prix Juigné (Gr3), then Prix Murat (Gr2), but after his return we had a setback. Today Gex was lucky enough to jump over Goalkeeper (coastal path)fell in front of him, one lap to go…” Gex can start the Grand Steeple-Chase de Paris (Gr1) after a convincing success in the big jumps in Auteuil. large Tenac (A walk in the park) had a great start in the steeplechase in Auteuil. Despite a mistake at the last hurdle, he restarted and finished in second place ahead of people (Turgeon), guilty of a large open moat.

Comes from the sister of Whisperer and Whisperer. Bred by Jacques and André Cypres, Gex was purchased for 55,000 euros for the price of 2 hours by Haras de Sercy at the Arqana summer sale. Peter Greenall told us: “He had a reserve of 60,000 euros, so with 55,000 euros, Jacques [Cyprès, ndlr] Bought it back without hesitation! After all, it was a good day for us! »

He is the son Halkevi (Kahyasi), which stands in the Haras des Anses in 2022, and Mescala (Astarabad), who placed three times in five races in jumps by 4 points, especially in overcoming barriers in Otey and steeplechase in Enghien. Gex is his mother’s second winner after Thunder Sky (Enrique), who won in his debut at the 3 Chateaubriand obstacles, but did not subsequently confirm. Gex is the newest product from Mexcala and disappeared in 2019.

second mother, Beautiful Yepa (Mansonnien), placed second in the Prix Finot (now “L”) and won two steeplechase races at Auteuil and Enghien. In particular, she gave Whisper (Astarabad), two-time winner of the Liverpool Hurdles (Gr1) in Aintree and Whispering (Astarabad), twice winner of the Prix Besançon (left) in Enghien and the third prize of Leopold d’Orsetti (Gr. 3). Belle Yepa is also a second mother Lisnagar Oscar (Oscar), winner of the Steyers hurdles (Gr1) at Cheltenham. Belle Yepa – sister Subhargiwinner of the Prize of the President of the Republic and Fleur (Grs3) and third place in the Prix Maurice Gillois (Gr1).

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