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Since yesterday, the 36th International Saumur Complet has been taking place at Verri Racecourse. The program includes events from 1 to 4 *. In this latest long format race, two-time Olympic medalist Astier Nicolas leads dressage after recovering with a score of 26.4 on the Alertamalib’Or. Along with the twelve-year-old Anglo-Arab on the preliminary podium, two other first-time 4* horses: Shaman Dumonceau and Diabolo Ment, ridden respectively by Stéphane Landois and Nicolas Touzin.

This year, only twenty-three couples are participating in CCI4*-L Saumur, including six foreigners. It must be said that this year Saumur Complet has to contend with fierce competition in the calendar of international competitions in this discipline. This weekend’s meeting in Saumur will face the CCI4*-L in Ireland, at the CCI5*-L in Lexington, one week after the CCI4*-L in Strzegom, one week before the mythical CCI5*-L in badminton. on the calendar after two years of absence due to health restrictions and two years before the qualifying competitions at the Pratoni del Vivaro World Championships. Inevitably, riders had to make a choice.

Yesterday, Thursday, April 28, on the first day of dressage, the pair proved to be clearly superior to the rest. Stephan Landois and Shaman Dumonceau (Top Berlin du Temple) confirmed their regularity in this first test. Once again, the powerful gray gelding showed the full extent of his talent for his first participation in competitions of this level. It was the calm, diligent and demonstrative horse that his rider presented that day. An attitude that led to perfect scores and consistent judgments (which obviously wasn’t the case for everyone!), the couple were the only ones to break the 70% mark on that first day, with a combined score of 73.25%, or a 26.8 penalty . points. Gaspar Maqsood and Zaragoza (Cevin Z) were in second place (30.2 points), and Gwendolen Iron completed another very preliminary podium at Blaignac Arpeggio (Santander X), 32.5 points.

Change of leader

This Friday, the second part of the starting list appeared before the three judges, who took places C, H and B. If France maintains the lead in this competition, the leader will not be the same. Due to a short header, which means 0.4 points less in total penalties (26.4), Astier Nicolas ahead of Stephane Landois with an exemplary international comeback inAlertamalib’Or (Yarland’s summer song). ” I’m very happy, this is his return to this level and we are starting well. “, stressed the rider at the end of the day. ” The horse was very accessible and I had a lot of fun riding it. I was able to score my points and continue my recovery in complete relaxation. It was a pleasure to do it with him. Usually I am always wary of dressage because I want to succeed. I was very relaxed and at ease there because we have a great connection and he has great skills for this test. The couple, which averaged 73.65%, nevertheless faces clear differences in the judges’ scores. France’s Xavier Le Sauce (H) rated the pair at 70.95%, while New Zealander Andrew Benny (C) upgraded the pair to 76.90%. A gap of six points, which the rider does not yet explain, without analyzing in detail his protocol at the time of our interview.

Poleman was not the only one in this case. Third tonight mint diabolo (Scareface of Mars) multiple medal winner Nicholas Touzen also put the judges in a dead end. While Xavier Le Sauce kept him below 70%, Ireland’s James Rooney in Group B put him above 75%. With an average of 72.86%, the pair ended up scoring 27.1 points when they could have taken the lead in operations but missed the opportunity, in part due to a strong defense during the first canter start, which caused them to lose valuable points . The same story on the judicial side of the protocol Donatien Shaulieighth (31.1) tonight with Gene Pestel*MILI (Nartago), which also has a difference of six points between the two judges.

Note also the good recovery Camille Lejeune and Good size four oaks (King Size), who did a wonderful job in the trot, was repeatedly awarded marks of 8 and 9. Unfortunately, the situation changed for the duo during the canter, where the stallion sBs took the lead of his rider in an extended canter, obviously influencing the mark of this figure and a few cooling judges to subsequently raise the scores. Camilla and Good Size finally came in fifth (29.1). Outside German Andreas Ostholt ranks fourth after recovering 28.2 points from Corvette 31 (chucko blue).

“Cross will be quite demanding”

The appointment is scheduled for this Saturday from 13:30 for the flagship event of the discipline: Cross Country. ” Strong business starts tomorrow ‘, as Astier Nicolas reminds us. Completist finds a course” clear enough for horses. What needs to be done is not too twisted. I think it will be quite difficult, but the ground is very good. There wasn’t, but the area can be well processed, they worked on it. “If he approaches this test calmly on a technical level with Mitch (Alertamalib’Or alias), his big question mark will be around” mechanic from his partner. ” Let’s see what happens tomorrow. We’re here to see if all the mechanics hold up. Today we are confident, and the real point of verification will be tomorrow. If we confirm that he is reliable, we can think about Pratoni in September. »

You can see the preliminary results after dressage here.

In Saumur, Adele Vaupret


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