Rowing: Androdias – Boucheron sensational and in the World Cup final for their comeback

With less than two years to go before the Games, staff are looking closely at the possibility of receiving a medal in Paris in 2024. There will be fourteen Olympic categories in Paris in 2024 in the Vaire-sur-Marne pool. That’s where the French team is before the last World Cup final this weekend, in the categories in which they were at the start. Remember that rowing with two medals, one gold and one silver, accounted for 10% of French gold medals and 6% of Tokyo’s total medal count.

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Honor to the winners of Tokyo.

they are in the final

Two of a pair of men. Mathieu Androdias and Hugo Boucheron found themselves together at this World Championship after a break from Hugo Boucheron and a first recovery in the individual competition. “The start was timid, I had to make small adjustments to the form. Mission accomplished today in the quarter-final,” Mathieu Androdias told L’Aquitain ahead of the semi-final. The step taken this Friday will fully convince them that the final will take place on Sunday at 13:39.

The staff set them up to reach the world Top 3, according to the impression of half, more than playable.

Two light women couple. Tokyo silver medalists Loire Tarantola and Claire Beauvais finished 2nd in their semi-final on Thursday, behind the Americans but ahead of the Swiss and Italian Olympic champions who will only be in the B final.

“It’s always nice to show that they can return to the final,” comments their coach Frederic Perrier. This shows that it is not obvious that it is dense. […] There are still technical and strategic settings that are being finalized. Some sectors can be improved and become key. » The final will follow on Saturday at 14:07.

Two light men are rowing. Hugo Burley and Ferdinand Ludwig are gradually bringing this category of Olympic champions to the fore in Rio with Azu-Ouen. They will be in the final on Saturday at 14:23 with a winning attitude after finishing 3rd in the half. “In the semi-finals, everyone goes on the attack, everyone tries. On Saturday in the final we will not have such pressure, we will let the horses go. »

in the final B

Four pairs of men. This young boat got off to a good start in its championship, reaching the semi-finals. At this stage, Valentin Honfroy, Benoit Brunet, Sente Victor Marcelo, who was a lightweight a year ago, and Theophile Honfroy considered the Polish silver medalists and Romanian bronze medalists too strong for themselves in Munich, he a few weeks ago at the European Championship. The trio of winners were joined by the Dutch, winners and finalists of the first two stages of the World Cup. The Habs finished in fourth place, which has become synonymous with the B final on Saturday at 12:44 pm.

Victor Marcelo: “We expected a little better. From a technical point of view, we could do better if we could be together in 4th place. The staff and performance manager Jurgen Gröbler set a goal for us this season to be in the top 7 or 8. We were there for three races. that we ran in this lineup, now in Lucerne, now at the European Championships, we should try to stay there by winning the B final, which would put us in 7th place, and thus finish on a good note. »

Four without a coxswain. Among the girls, the young boats of Emma Cornelis, Adele Brosse, Julie Voirin and Maia Kornout-Danjou, a total novice, interacted with a large squad of world championship and cup winners. A logical outcome, despite a valiant start, 6th place, synonymous with the final B, Saturday, 12:20.

Among the boys, beautiful people are also on the half of Armand Pfister, Theo Rayet, Thibaut Turlan of Bordeaux and Louis Chamoran: Dutch silver medalists and Romanian bronze medalists of the last European Championships, Swiss finalists… A more experienced competition that leaves the Blues 6th and the B final in Saturday at 12:28.

Scythian. These are all categories, there are no lightweights at the Singles Games. Emma Lunatti finished 5th in her semi-final on Friday, well behind the Netherlands, Australia, China and even 4th Switzerland. There is no engaged boy.

In the final C

Women’s double sculls: Margot Bayeul and Violene Ernodts only qualified for final C.

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