Romanticism Award (Hedges): Saint Maxim makes his class talk

horse racing / 05/01/2022

Prize for Romanticism (Hedges)

Saint Maxim makes his class speak

Debuting at Prix Master Bob (Hedges) in Compiègne, Saint Maxim (Turgeon) couldn’t do more than the fifth without much persuasiveness. On Saturday, at the Prix Romantisme (Hedges), the representative of the German stable Christophe, François Nicolle, Reverdy stable, Thomas Levesque stable, breeding Pierre Levesque and Hugues Rousseau this time presentsstar all its potential. Immediately in the lead, the future winner overcame the first difficulties, pricking up his ears. Ahead, he followed freely, while being relaxed, then went to the outer part of the track to enter the straight. Led by Angelo Zuliani, the foal easily overcame the last two obstacles, and then only increased the lead on level ground, turning good strides. Seven lengths on Burle Booster (Martalin), who had been in second place for a long time, could never bother him. Last one ahead Tuscany Berle (Shantou) four lengths. The way Saint Maximus overcame obstacles shows that he can have a very bright future in steeplechase and, why not, become part of tomorrow’s elite. In this regard, François Nicole, his mentor, taught us: “Saint-Maxime disappointed me a little with his debut in Compiègne. He outlined a not very good track, and today I asked Angelo Zuliani to start well. For me, he is a very good foal who definitely “did something”, because although the races were not very fast, the horsesyou put a big throttle to finish. It was still under his feet. He will probably be a very good steeplechase horse. However, he will not discover this discipline before the fall. »

Full brother of Saint Richard. Saint Maximus, raised by Richard Godefroy, is the son Tourjon (Karo) and Basketball (Ungaro) who cleared the hurdles four times, placing fourth in Otey during his second appearance. Saint Maxim – the second winner of his mother after Gochetial (Doctor Dino), winner of the Robert Weill Prize and the third Fifrele Prize (Ls). Saint Maxim – brother Saint Richard (Turgeon), who never won but finished second in the Prix Fleuret (Gr3). The broodmare also has a 3-year-old cub named Saint Turbot (Turgeon) and 2 year old: holy basket (Castle Berle). second mother, Basketball Gironde (Iron Duke), won twice, out of the blue, in the province. The latter gave, in particular, nononito (Nononito), winner of eight races including the 2005 Congress Prize (Gr2) and the Roger de Minviel Prize (left), then competed at Enghien.













Iron Duke

Basketball Gironde



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