Rita Le Bagus spectacularly gives up her vocation to paint from Sanserrois.

“Young, I was a rider. Horses were my passion, my life. I drew a little, the anatomy of horses. But I was the victim of an accident on horseback that broke my back and forced me to quit this job. I was lucky, this chance allowed me to spiritually meet with the famous artist Gauguin and his work “Yellow Christ”. It was in the city of Pont-Aven in Brittany, where I come from, that I discovered the original of this painting and said to myself: if it is on display in a museum, why not me? Rita Le Bagus says with a big smile.

Post-impressionist style

On vacation with her family in Sanserrois, Rita finds inspiration in landscapes while walking, she admits that she loves “still lifes”. Since then, she settled in Sainte-Gemmes-en-Sanserrois and became an artist thanks to an artist who introduced her to his workshop and taught her how to mix colors.

“I did not choose painting, it was painting that chose me, it got in my way. This is a real vocation, as soon as I touched the brush, I surpassed myself, ”admits Rita.

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“For me, painting is a meeting with yourself, it’s like any other profession, you need to learn to have your own style, without influence, because everyone is unique. »

Rita Le Bagus (empty)

The two artists have different styles, so Rita wanted to start on her own. “I have a post-impressionist style, between impressionism and expressionism. I paint in oils, which is what I prefer in terms of texture. I throw colors onto the canvas and then redo them until I get what I like. Sometimes it can last for months or even years. But the longer I let the painting rest, the longer it takes, because I don’t perceive the same emotions depending on the lighting,” says the artist.Inspiration at the moment is more in colors (Photo by Angelique Pereyron)

“I wanted to tell my own story. I’m off on this new adventure. I never get tired of creating new paintings, every time you think you know something, and yet you always discover, despite the fact that the technique remains the same. Sometimes I throw away paint and think to myself, can I really make something good out of it? It’s a bit like skydiving, she laughs. We don’t know if we will land, we jump into the void and are never sure if the picture represents what we want. I draw instinctively. Currently my inspiration is flowers. For me, painting is a meeting with yourself, it’s like any other profession, you need to learn to have your own style, without influence, because everyone is unique. It’s difficult today, people are asking us to go into business and do work for money, but I’ve never been interested in that. I paint out of love, out of passion, to pass on my knowledge, money is secondary to me,” she adds.

Painting, conveying emotions

Previously, Rita painted about 80 canvases a year. From now on, the artist creates from 20 to 40 canvases a year. Her goal is not to do as much as possible, but to give the public what they expect, and to compose pictures with soul, their flair, their feelings.

“Artists have been hit hard by the health crisis over the past two years. It was impossible to exhibit your work. Today we can finally open up to the world again and show our work, this is a rebirth, we are going on a new adventure, by the grace of God.”

Rita Le Bagus (empty)

“When I paint on my farm, on an easel made from an old school board, I paint with my heart, with my soul, to convey the emotion I feel to the person looking at it. I am never 100% satisfied with what I do. Often my friends tell me: Rita, don’t touch your canvas anymore, it’s okay. A duality is established between my perception and the perception of others. The most important thing is that people can go through the work without getting tired of it, it should not be monotonous. It’s all about balance. As Paul Cezanne said, we need unity in diversity and diversity in unity. The emotion felt through the picture does not pass through the head, it is transmitted through the heart, the person is either sensitive to the story being told or not. It’s not about loving the canvas, but about touching it. »Rita draws with her heart (Photo by Angelique Pereyron)

The artist claims to be an artist. “Many people think that in order to become a good artist, you need to study fine arts, but you don’t become an artist by studying, it’s inside you. At school, you study technique, skills, but the vocation to be an artist is completely different, this is the most important thing. »

Exhibitions throughout France

Rita exhibits and sells her paintings throughout France. In Brittany, in Paris… and even in Sancerre.

“Artists have been hit hard by the health crisis over the past two years. Our work could not be exhibited anywhere, and we were cut off from the outside world. I drew a lot during this period, especially with a friend. We were able to discuss our methods, our thoughts. Today we can finally re-open to the world and show our work, this is a revival, we are embarking on a new adventure, by the grace of God,” she concludes.

Angelica Pereyron


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