Riding in Sarthe: Achilles reaches Europe and calls for help to afford a new horse

14-year-old Achille Cheintron hopes to win the European title in two years, but he needs a horse and sponsors to do so.
14-year-old Achille Cheintron hopes to win the European title in two years, but he needs a horse and sponsors to do so. © Family Zeptron

At the age of 14, Achille Scheintron, a resident of La Ferte-Bernard, in the north of Sarthe, has a number of racing titles in WOW (jumping competition). And always aim higher. If he is forced to compete on horseback for two years in order to improve his skills, since there is no European level for cadets, he looks forward to compete in the junior categoryr to communicate with competitors from other locations.

He experienced this taste for competition when his parents, Vanessa and Sylvain, offered him his first horse, Doda du NevezThe mare is now 9 years old. And he liked it!

I competed occasionally when I was a student at the Fleuriers Equestrian Center in La Ferte with my pony Chiquita.

Achilles Chaintron

Shetland at age 3

Random competition that will get him a place anyway 4and at the French Championshipjunior category, in 2019. and 4andthe same year, with another pony promoted to the minimum category.

Gone are the days when, from the age of three, Achilles climbed on horseback on the family islands of Shetland. Then he took riding lessons at the Paty stable in La Chapelle-Saint-Remy. Today, a young man in the making is following in the footsteps his father would have wanted to follow. At full gallop!

“I have five horses to ride,” he says seriously. Her father comes to the aid of her shyness. Achilles studied alongside Karim Laguag, Nogent-le-Rotrou, who has competed in the Olympics twice and is also the 2016 and 2021 Olympic champion. Today he is training with Swan Burvenspecializing in CSOs. He has his own stable next to Boulerie jump in Yvre-l’Evêque, and Akille appreciates horses there. »

He trains every night

Doda, his mare, as well as Dean Van Loizel, his other 9-year-old mare, or even Hazia de la Selune5 years old and Drolesse and Best Of are under his ass.

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Almost every evening after a day at Notre Dame Fertois College, the enthusiast puts on his boots, bomb, and grabs his whip.

A job he hopes will pay off. “Last weekend I ran my first Pro 2 tournament.” Result ? “A mistake, but a good ride,” Achilles smiles.

Pro 2 events are similar to Ligue 2 in football. They are the strongest. Akille is opposed only to adults and professionals. He must make his weapons there.

Sylvain Chaintron, father of Achilles

The only Sartois qualified for French cadets.

But the teenager also competes internationally, and Doda has already offered him a qualification for the French Cadet Championship in Macon in May. “About fifty riders in France. And he is definitely the only one in Sart,” his parents boast.

On his mare Dode, Achilles can jump 1.35 m. For European competition, his horse will have to jump 1.40 m.
On his mare Dode, Achilles can jump 1.35m. For the European competition, his horse will have to jump 1.40m. ©DR

Internships in the French team

I am convinced of the potential of my son. “He has already participated in federal internships withFrench team. First there was discovery, then internship with federal staff in Fontainebleau. We are waiting to see if they call him back this year. “And the Cheintrons don’t seem to be the only ones who believe in Achilles. “The federation is telling us that something needs to be done…”

The new horse jumps 1.40 m.

For the sake of their son, they are ready to make concessions. Ever since he started. But to let him dream further, they know their little brother will have to get another horse. “To participate in European competitions, you need to jump 1.40 m.”

Doda, she can climb 1.35 m, “but not all the time,” Achilles emphasizes, knowing about the capabilities of his mare. “You have to pay attention to how the horses feel,” Vanessa emphasizes.

Several tens of thousands of euros

This famous horse that a young man must find, this rare gem that will allow him to win, is tens of thousands of euros that can be put on the table, according to the Chaintrons.

So they turn to sponsors. Which can also be of great help in financing many family trips.

Two weeks ago we were in the English Channel, three weeks ago in Rouen, you need to take into account the road, accommodation, obligations.

Sylvain Chaintron, father of Achilles

Training a young horse?

“The ideal for his future horse would be if the owner trusted Akilla to train the young man. »

And fast. To be ready in two years, when he competes in the junior category, Achille must start working with his future mount in a maximum of a year.

His goal: to become a professional race car driver

If he’s always aiming higher, it’s because the teenager, already a Galop 7 owner, dreams of becoming a professional racing driver. “I would like to have my own stable where I can feed and trade. Actually the stable of the owners. “Why not even try once Olympic Games ? “That would be the pinnacle! »

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