Review Volume 2 Genesis – Manga

Caught in the heart of backstory while exploring a cave in Australia, Taiga and six of his anthropology classmates, overcoming initial surprise and fear, set out to organize their survival, which goes through a lot: finding a safe haven, obviously, but also thinking about food and protecting yourself from the dangers between animals and Neanderthals without succumbing to negative feelings such as panic, despair, or feelings of worthlessness, which, in a way, is not always easy.

Now that they realize that Neanderthals can pose an even greater threat than the most venomous and large animals, our heroes first try to survive in this far and wild world with even greater precautions. Because it’s a fact, to stay alive, you have to go through many stages: to be able to create a reliable weapon, to decide to expand your activities to hunting in order to be able to feed yourself… all that Koji Mori has in his heart. accuracy, causing the difficulty of making knives and other copies, in particular, by finding the right materials (there are many failures, so you have to persevere), or even emphasizing the very massive type of animals of that time (the era of giant mammals), which makes their hunting very dangerous.

So the survival aspect as a whole is very honest, not necessarily standing out from a lot of stories of this kind. But the mangaka, true to what we already saw about him in Suicide Island, is interspersed with new thoughts about life and people. In particular, the collaboration between the 7 protagonists is recalled, sometimes slightly undermined by the slightly more negative feelings of some of them, such as Rena, who feels useless compared to the others, who all have their own qualities, or Yuka, who, due to quite understandable psychological weakness begins to make unexpected proposals to Taiga in order to gain his protection. In the course of these cases, Koji Mori takes it upon himself to reflect once again on life and what this primitive world has to offer these young students who see themselves free from the dictates of the modern world: more concern for values. of our time, such as the obligation to “earn a living” so that in this world their freedom may seem greater. And indeed, the case of Taiga remains the most interesting, how well he adapts to this primitive era, when he really reveals himself: in this distant era, he no longer needs to forever hesitate in the face of many options. imposed by society, creating the impression of aimless wandering. Here everything comes down to surviving, not dying, protecting others … For him, the concept of “living” again becomes a simple and therefore essential goal.

Only will this life be simple with all this? Obviously not, since everything has to be rebuilt there for our heroes; , and above all because the dangers can only return when the Neanderthals unearth the group and go on the attack. the result is a fairly action-oriented second half of the volume, the pages of which move quickly, even if, let’s be honest, the battle moments are not what the author does best, as they remain a bit stiff and easy to cut. But the consequences promise to be interesting for Taiga, separated from the others, able to try to orient himself and thus join them, and whose steps will eventually lead him to the meeting that we firmly expected in view of volume 1 and the cover of this 2nd opus. ..

In anticipation of what this new event will yield in the sequel, this second volume of Genesis as a whole confirms the appeal that the story has generated. Under the guise of a rather classic survival story, even a little limited in its action sequences, Koji Mori remains primarily true to his favorite subjects, which he recycles with a certain interest.


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