Presidential: voters on horseback, forgotten ballots….these unusual scenes happened at some polling stations this Sunday

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Forgotten ballots in Pau, voters on horseback in the Canal, glue in a castle in Hauts-de-France or angry Femen in Toulouse… Like every pass to the polls, on the day of the first round of presidential elections, this Sunday, April 10, was marked by unusual events.

Unusual events were observed at some polling stations in France on Sunday, April 10, the day of the first round of the 2022 presidential election. While waiting for the results, voters can vote until 19:00, see 20:00 in major cities.

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Ballots forgotten in Pau, voters on horseback in the English Channel, or still glued to the castle in Hauts-de-France. We remember unusual events that happened during the day.

Anna Hidalgo’s ballots are forgotten in Pau

Ballots from Socialist presidential candidate Anna Hidalgo were not offered to voters at a polling station in Pau, in the Pyrenees-Atlantiques, for almost two hours.

According to the facts established on the spot by the justice of the peace, the local delegate of the Constitutional Council, the ballot papers (PS) were left in the box. Thus, when the office opened at 8 am, voters could only choose from eleven candidates. An incident that only concerns a polling station in the city of Paloise would be an oversight, with no intention of damaging the smooth running of the vote. Delivered at 10 am.

In accordance with the law, the violations were recorded by the justice of the peace in the protocol. This will also be mentioned in the report to the Constitutional Council.

Clay in a castle in Hauts-de-France

In the city of Vatinny in Aisne (Hauts-de-France), elected officials occupying a polling station were unpleasantly surprised to find glue in the lock of the building where the ballot box was located …

It was not until they were preparing to open the door to the first people present on the spot that they noted the facts, reports L’Aisne nouvelle. However, elected officials were able to enter the building from the back, which ensured that the polling station opened on time, at 8 am sharp. platform not available

During the day, technical problems were observed on the official website of the French administration. The online service for checking his registration on the voter lists was clearly taken by storm: “due to particularly heavy traffic, the requested page cannot be displayed” gave an error message.

On Twitter, the platform recognized “significant traffic”, indicating that a “load shedding page” had been set up. “Refresh the page regularly to have access to: Request your electoral situation,” she advised.

Voters riding the English Channel

By the end of the morning, the surroundings of the town hall of Benoville (Manche), near Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, were filled with cars, but not only. A dozen riders shoved their voting cards into their bags to ride their horses to their polling place. They then left their horses in the parking lot to put the ballot in the ballot box.

The presence of horses near the polling station allowed large numbers of residents and their children to approach them and memorialize the moment.

Femen arrested in Toulouse

Four women belonging to the Femen feminist movement were arrested and taken into police custody this Sunday in Toulouse for violating electoral processes. The events took place in Capitol Square in front of the polling station of the first round of the presidential election.

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