POULE d’ESSAI J-2 Elias Michalides: “After the pool, the Scherzo could be the beginning of the Prix du Jockey Club”

International / 05/12/2022


Elias Michalides: “After La Pula, the Scherzo could be the beginning of the Prix du Jockey Club”

Headed to Qatar after being acquired by Al Wasmiyah Racing from the sale of Arc Arqana. Scherzo (Wootton Bassett) had a good enough season there to return to France for the Emirates Poule d’Essai des Poulains (Gr1). This is the first start of his coach Elias Michalides at the start of the classics.

gallop day. – How was it decided to send the Scherzo to France?

Photo caption 2 (thumbnail): Elias Michalides (credit Withcoopdyga)

Elias Michalides. – It depended on the season he was going to spend in Qatar. Since everything was going well, he won some good races and lost only very good ones. Hue (Frankel) in I’Al Rayyan Mile (local Gr2), we decided to run Poule d’Essai des Poulains.

How did the horse acclimate to the new environment?

He acclimatized very well. It has been a month since he arrived at the stable. This is a foal I saw at 2 years old when we bought him at the Arc sale. He wintered very well in Qatar and his transition from 2 to 3 years is going great, both physically and mentally. The scherzo is also serene and tough.

How did he work with La Poole?

The scherzo worked last Tuesday and it was very good. When I got it from Qatar, it took a bit of fiddling with it, so it just got serviced. The season started much earlier for him!

What is the strength of the horse?

I really think it’s his mind. He is also a foal, possessing natural speed and poise. The last race he won in Qatar was the 1850m. After the pool, the scherzo could be at the start of the Prix du Jockey Club (Gr1). Everything will depend on his performance. We really think he will be right in his 2100m.

Could he have stayed in France after two Grs1s?

If he goes to the Jockey Club, the foal will rest with Mr. Baskin for several months. He will then return to Qatar for the new season.

Who will be associated with it?

It will be James Doyle. The hosts’ first jockey was Tom Marquand, but with Mr. Haggas having his starting lineup this weekend, the jockey was unable to move.

How could it be mounted?

I think we’ll go to his hands. The foal has a long acceleration and good gear shifting. I hope that with foreign horses we will have a small train. Once behind the leaders, the Scherzo will be able to finish.

Is this your first starting lineup at the start of La Poole?

This is really my first runner at the start of the classics. I already had a runner at the start of Jacques Le Marois (Gr1) a few years ago with Noor Al Hawa (McPhee). This is a horse that, like the Scherzo, is owned by Al Wasmiyah Racing. Noor Al Hawa spent his last season in Qatar. He there won the biggest race: Amir Trophy (Gr1 Local). This year he ran four times and scored three victories. The horse returned as a stallion to the Haras du Grand Courgeon.

Do you have an agreement with your father, Georges Michalides, that you will receive suitable horses when the Qatar season ends?

It all depends on what results they achieve either here in France or in Qatar. The scherzo was very good in Qatar so we can taste it at the highest level in France. As for Nur Al Khawa, the owners dreamed of winning the Amir Trophy with him. So, after Jacques Le Marois and then the prize dollar (Gr2), we sent him there for that purpose. And it worked very well.


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