Pierre Le Goupil, the war in Ukraine, Jamie Kermon and rhinopneumonia in the Barometer program

On the program of the latest barometer: Pierre Le Goupil in Paris 2024, solidarity with the victims of the war in Ukraine, paracon peace, Russia’s ban on the landscape, the return of rhinopneumonia and the suspension of Jamie Kermond for cocaine positive control.


Pierre Le Goupil will design the course for the Olympic Triathlon at the 2024 Paris Games!

Pierre Le Goupil will design the course for the Olympic Triathlon at the 2024 Paris Games!

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After Les Pins 2023, Pierre Le Goupil will also serve Paris 2024.

Pierre Le Goupil will design the course for the Olympic Triathlon at the 2024 Paris Games! At the end of February, the Board of Directors of the International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI) formalized the appointment of Norman, who has been sitting on the technical committee of the world organization for sixteen months. The son of former international rider and renowned breeder André Le Goupil, the manufacturer is involved in the development of the courses of the prestigious Grand Complet du Pin-au-Haras and the renowned International de Lignières-en-Berry. Before what will undoubtedly be the peak of his career as a course designer, Pierre Le Goupil will officiate the 2023 European Championships scheduled at Le Pen. With a wealth of overseas experience, he will also design the course for the 2023 Pan American Games to be held in Santiago, Chile. “Participation in such an event worries me. This gives me the opportunity to fully experience this Olympic meeting, which did not have the opportunity to compete there as a rider.”the Manshua rejoiced.

Europe stands in solidarity with Ukraine

As war rages in Ukraine, the invasion of the Russian army has seen significant population movements fleeing bombardment, scarcity and cold. As one of the many by-products of this terrible conflict, the horses stationed in Ukraine can, fortunately, count on European solidarity organized both for them and for the people. On March 5, the European Equestrian Federation (FEE) announced the creation of the Help Ukraine Horses Foundation and the opening of a logistics center in Glogow Malopolski, Poland, to receive and then transport fodder, bedding and compound feed, the essentials expected by Ukrainians. stables. The VGS also allowed the repatriation of the stallions of Kornet Obolensky. (here in the picture) and Comme il Faut 5, who were able to return to Germany unharmed. I bet they won’t be the last…

The world of Paralympic equestrian sports in the spotlight of an international magazine

In mid-February, the FEI announced the launch of The Para Equestrian Digest, a digital magazine created to promote the world of Para Equestrian sport. Each month, the Digest will highlight an athlete or Para Equestrian project to help raise awareness about disability or inclusion. This medium, through which athletes can share their personal experiences, was born in the WeThe15 campaign launched by the International Paralympic Committee during the Tokyo Games last year. “Conversations about diversity, equity and inclusion must be based on real life experience”said Sabrina Ibanez, FEI Secretary General and President of the Association of Paralympic Sports Organizations (APSO). “The testimonials call on the public to better understand the situations that people with disabilities face on a daily basis and challenge widely held beliefs about disability.”


On March 3, the Australian Office of Sports Integrity announced that Jamie Kermond was suspended from competition for two years for testing positive for cocaine.

On March 3, the Australian Office of Sports Integrity announced that Jamie Kermond was suspended from competition for two years for testing positive for cocaine.

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FEI Suspends Russian Riders and Organizers

On February 28, the FEI Executive Board met to unanimously condemn the invasion of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin’s army and agree on the consequences for equestrian sport in Russia and Belarus. In line with a statement from the International Olympic Committee, which three days earlier urged International Federations to reschedule or cancel scheduled sporting events in these two countries, the FEI Executive Board removed all scheduled equestrian events from the international calendar this year in Russia and Belarus, which were still fifty seven. In addition, the executive board adopted an emergency resolution banning all Russian and Belarusian athletes, horses and officials from participating in competitions held under their auspices. Although these are not major equestrian nations, two Russian couples were still in the top 100 of the world dressage rankings. There are forty-three classified riders in ski jumping in Russia, as well as oligarch Oleksandr Onishchenko, former president of the Ukrainian federation. If the Russians and Belarusians are paying the price for a conflict that they also did not choose, this isolation seemed inevitable…

Rhinopneumonia is back across the Atlantic…

In late February, the California Department of Food and Agriculture confirmed cases of equine herpesvirus type 1 (HVE-1) at the Desert International Horse Park in Termal, which hosted several weeks of competition. A year after an epizootic that hit Western Europe and forced the cancellation of all competitions for six weeks, the Rhinos returned across the Atlantic, where twenty-three cases were confirmed and where three hundred horses may have been infected. to the virus. A week later, the American Equestrian Federation (USEF) suspended its California competition until March 30 to reduce the risk of spread, but also canceled the CSIO5* in San Juan Capistrano scheduled for mid-May… In early March, the FEI published the first section of the report in which it acknowledged mismanagement in relation to last year’s outbreak, which resulted in the death of eighteen horses, almost all of which were kept in the Valencia CSI stable.

Jamie Kermond suspended after testing positive for cocaine

On March 3, the Australian Office of Sports Integrity announced a two-year suspension of Jamie Kermond from competition for testing positive for benzoylecgonine, the main metabolite of cocaine, on June 26. Based on the results of the A sample, the Australian show jumper, who admitted that it was “definitely unique and recreational use” interfered during a non-sports social event was temporarily suspended in July. As a reminder, this positive control cost Jamie Curmond his place on the Australian team at the Tokyo Olympics, for which he was originally selected with the Yandoo Oaks Constellation. Following the IOC’s decision, her teammates Edwina Tops-Alexander and Cathy Laurie were allowed to travel to Tokyo separately as the Australian team had no reserves.


1+2 equals… into the ranks of two of the three pillars of the Swedish team, the reigning Olympic champions, in the Longines World Jumping Rankings. In March, Peder Fredriksson remained a solid leader, over two hundred points ahead of his best rivals, that is, the whole world. And the best of them is no longer the Swiss Martin Fuchs, former number one and second in February, but another Swede, the formidable Henrik von Eckermann. A fine speed test winner and fourth in the CSI 5*-W Grand Prix in Sharjah with Glamor Girl before finishing fifth in the CSI 5* Grand Prix in Doha with star King Edward, former student of Ludger Bierbaum was busy in February. . Bra Sverige!

This article appeared in the latest issue of GRANDPRIX magazine.

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