Peugeot. Gendarmerie models from 203 Break to 3008 Hybrid

For a large French administration, the purchase of models from national manufacturers has long been a duty. Like Citroën or Renault, Peugeot equipped the national gendarmerie very early. After the Second World War, in the late 1940s, the 202nd, 302nd, and other 402nds joined the ranks of this institution. But then they were requisitioned vehicles of the Resistance or vehicles from the army park. Most often painted black, they arm troops in detail. There are no more real visual traces of this period. To see how things become more organized, we need to wait until the 1950s. It was with Breakthrough 203 that the era of large-scale orders really began, in particular, to motorize the new “traffic police”.

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Peugeot station wagons long kings

Perfect for hauling all the gear you need while still providing room for any offenders to board, station wagons have long been the darlings of the police. Which was quite good for Peugeot, as the brand has long been a specialist in its genre. After 203, law enforcement hails 403, 404, 204, 304, 305, 505, and 306 Break.

peugeot 404 gendarmerie
After the 203 and 403 models, it was the 404 Break that became the gendarme’s favorite vehicle in the 1960s.
peugeot 305 gendarmerie
Released in 1980, this Peugeot 305 also knew how to find arguments to seduce men in blue.

Utilities such as J7, Expert, Partner and Boxer will also be used frequently. The largest of them will even sometimes be used to transport the horses of the Republican Guard, and the smallest ones for dog brigades. But until now, sedans have not been completely banned: they simply met other requirements. In particular, they very often ended up in the hands of officers. In this case, the dress preferred black or gray, rather than the famous “gendarmerie blue”, which was widespread in 1969-1970.

405 T16 and 306 S16 for BRI

However, the most emblematic vehicles are those of the famous Rapid Response Brigade (BRI), renamed ERI (Rapid Response Team) in 2015. Created in 1967, BRI waited until the 1990s before adopting Peugeot for the first time. But she was able to use the model that has now become collector : 405 T16, a muscular family with only 1046 built. Equipped with all-wheel drive, this four-door hid under its modest dress a boiling 200 hp 2.0 turbo four-cylinder engine. even 220 hp with overboost. To replace it, at the end of the same decade, BRI would still buy the Lion, this time opting for a “simple” compact sedan, much less rare: the 306 S16. Slightly less efficient than its predecessor, with its naturally aspirated 167 hp 2.0 engine. coupled with a six-speed manual transmission, this three-door car had the advantage of being lighter but also cheaper to buy and maintain.

From 4×4 to SUV

Away from these vehicles used at high speed on the highway, the gendarmerie, however, has a completely different facet, not to mention the media. Like the French army to which he is attached, he sometimes needs to intervene far from the asphalt. Thus, in the 1980s, the 4 x 4 P4, twin of the Mercedes G-Class, was honored to be an officer in the mobile gendarmerie. For now, manufacturer Dangel will supply 504 and 505 station wagons equipped with all-wheel drive for overseas departments. In 2004, even the 206th model, revised by FAM, will appear in these territories, with increased ground clearance and improved traction. But today the era is more for off-road vehicles… used mainly on asphalt. The last two Gendarmerie recruits bearing the Peugeot logo are indeed the 5008 PureTech PureTech 130 and 3008 Hybrid 225, equipped with only two wheel drive in both cases.

peugeot p4 gendarmerie
In the 1980s, this Peugeot P4 was used on missions, sometimes in very difficult terrain, by mobile gendarmerie squadrons.
peugeot 3008 hybrid 225
The Gendarmerie’s latest recruit is also its first plug-in hybrid model: the Peugeot 3008 Hybrid SUV in an all-wheel drive version with 225 hp.

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