Over 500,000 visitors to Zoo Safari de Toiry in 2021

These are the unexpected results that the Tuari group presents after the cancellation phase, which it could only go through due to Covid-19. “In a difficult health context, which also led to a three-month closure, the Zoo Safari de Thoiries gained recognition when it reopened with over 520,000 visitors, 200,000 at the Thoiry Lumiere festival savages and the first adventurers who spent the night in Taniare. park. new housing.

Hunting for big eggs on April 17 and 18.

“In total, the Tuari group exceeded the symbolic bar of one million visitors?!” says Tifan de la Rivière, PR specialist. The performance prompted Kristel Bersheni, CEO of the group, to applaud the work of the teams “who work tirelessly to offer our visitors an exceptional immersive experience.”

premium The magical lighting of the Zoo Safari de Thoiries starts on Sunday: discover them in several figures

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According to the park manager, the increase in influx “testifies to the real need for our visitors to return to their roots.” “The Zoo Safari de Toiry is the only one that can offer such a unique and exciting adventure 40 minutes from Paris, in an exceptional natural setting.”

Due to current events and big holidays, on April 17th and 18th the park is preparing a big egg hunt, one of the largest in Ile-de-France. This will be followed by a concert on Saturday 11 June in support of endangered species featuring Yannick Noah, MB 14 and Stefan.

Exciting experience in the Lair

The park is also looking to update its offering. It offers an exciting day and night experience at the Tanières de Thoiry, which is open again from Friday 8 April.

premium Shifu, the red panda at ZooSafari de Thoiry, is trained every week for his health to get close to people.

La Tanière allows you to spend the night in an “open bed”, a true vantage point in the middle of nature, listening to the noises and sounds of the forest. Birds sing, wild animals walk from night to dawn.

The zoo can be visited after dark, accompanied by an educator. For an unusual and magical awakening in the habitat of large African mammals before opening to the public, a VIP safari tour by ranger trucks is organized.

Malik Laidi.


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