Our 10 Easter Chocolate Favorites

Série Limitée has selected exceptional creations for you to enjoy the Easter holidays. There is one thing in common between sculptures, fried foods and desserts: chocolate.

Egg Carousel Cheval Blanc Paris

© DR

Gault & Millau Pastry Chef of the Year Maxime Frédéric, chef of Cheval Blanc Paris, once again proves his talent, creating a work of unsurpassed beauty and technique. The horses of the carousel rotate thanks to a mechanism made entirely of chocolate. A pleasure for the eyes as well as for the taste buds.


Fried eggs by Alléno & Rivoire

© Simon Detraz

Inspired by their culinary and pastry backgrounds, chefs Yannick Alléno and Aurélien Rivoire created the “Les egg à plat” collection. Composed of dark or milk chocolate ganache and praline, the eggs are available in four sizes: chicken, turtle, dragon and dinosaur eggs, a tribute to the animal kingdom that young and old alike will love.


Bvlgari Jewel Egg


Opening in 2021, Bvlgari Paris is celebrating Easter for the first time. For the occasion, Pastry Chef Guillaume Smaggue creates the “Serpenti” egg at the crossroads between tasting item and jewels. This chocolate box contains crunchy pistachios from Bronte, known in Italian gastronomy as “the gold of Sicily”.


Chocolate Dessert Café Kitsuné

© DR

This Easter season, Chef Hugues Pouget is in the spotlight at Café Kitsuné. It offers a wide selection of pastries to enjoy on rue Rivoli in Paris, opposite the Louvre, or to take away for a gourmet treat. At teatime, the egg chocolate mousse with flowing hazelnut praline center and crunchy cocoa will tempt the sweet tooth.


Bell of the Hôtel de Crillon

Among all the chocolate bells offered by the palace, only one contains an egg covered with gold leaf.  The winner will receive a treat in the winter garden of the Crillon Hotel.
Among all the chocolate bells offered by the palace, only one contains an egg covered with gold leaf. The winner will receive a treat in the Crillon winter garden. – © DR

Pastry chef Mathieu Karlin has designed an elegant 900-gram bell, covered in dark chocolate, in homage to the Easter tradition. With the included wooden mallet, strike the bell and discover a generous blend of dried fruits (hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, raisins and candied lemons) as well as chocolate pralines.


Chocolate Madeleine Ritz

© Bernhard Winkelmann

Among the confections François Perret created for Easter, the all-chocolate madeleine comes in three flavors (dark, milk or white) and symbolizes our return to childhood. Its double fluted shell contains a variety of fried foods that also take the form of this nostalgic pastry.


Egg Mont Blanc by Angelina

© DR

With generous chestnut cream and light whipped cream, Mont Blanc, the iconic pastry of a Parisian teahouse, has been reimagined by chef Christophe Appert into an Easter egg to share… or not.


Entremet by Jan Couvreur

© Anne-Bergeron

In collaboration with La Maison du Chocolat, the pastry chef doubles his ingenuity and offers a vanilla, pecan and caramel dessert, his signature flavors, which he reinvents in tandem with Nicolas Cloiseau. Result ? A very successful play of textures: the crunchy shell of dark chocolate mixes with the creaminess of chocolate mousse and the roughness of liquid nut praline.


Ducasse takes off

© AtelierMay98

Between land and sea, the chocolate factory of Alain Ducasse replenishes its chocolate bestiary with new recipes. The rock octopus and its seaweed praline, and the lobster landing shelf, thus joined the weight bench along with the crabs and sardines. The chocolate industry is open!


The precious eggs of the Park Hyatt Paris-Vandôme

© Bernhard Winkelmann

Inspired by the Place Vendôme district, Chef Narae Kim presents two creations worthy of Parisian jewellery. Jewels encrusted with a chocolate shell are made using the trompley method from granulated sugar. A real work of art.


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