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Young people like to use buzzwords like “charo”. But do you know its meaning?

“This guy is too haro”. If you have a teenage girl or teenager living in your home, you may have heard them use the phrase “charo”. But do you know its meaning? If you’re one of those parents who doesn’t know, don’t panic, we’ll fix it.

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For several weeks now we have been offering you Generation Z dictionary. In the edition of Demotivator, we offer you various articles for understand the language of teenagers and their well-known slang terms. They may come from another language such as Arabic, English or Spanish, sometimes appear in songs or on social media, or even be Verlan expressions or acronyms.

Today we are going to explain everything about the expression “charo”. Its origin, its definition, its usage, you will be invincible in this slang term after reading our article. Let’s get down to our explanations of “charo” without further delay.

Etymology and definition of the word “charo”

In the language of youth “charo” means Humanor, more simply, a guy, who wants to have multiple romantic relationships at the same time. The latter does not hesitate to continue flirting with other women while in a relationship with his girlfriend. Therefore, we can talk abouta womanizer who flirts with all the girls.

“Charo”which can also write “cart”is an abbreviation for scavenger. By definition Larousse, garbage man. In this category we find vultures, hyenas and even jackals. Some aspects of the behavior of birds and mammals known as scavengers occur in different senses of the term. “charo”.

“Charo” is the guy in the relationship who can’t stop flirting – © GettyImages

Other meanings of the word “charo”

Like many slang terms, “charo” has multiple meanings. If the very first meaning that we have just pointed out to you, and which is most often used by young people, was attested in 2012, it is interesting to discover its other meanings.

BUT “charo” may be the name given a person with strong personal ambitions and who will not hesitate to take advantage of the misfortune of others to gain the upper hand.

Another possible definition, in Spanish dictionary this time. In Mexico “charro” a rider, a specialist in dressage and riding, in a rich and colorful traditional costume (big hat, tight pants, short jacket and boots), which is the epitome of Mexican village traditions.

According to the Royal Spanish Academy, the word “charro” exists in the Spanish dictionary from 1627 and derives its etymology from the Basque term “king” What means “bad, erroneous, stupid”.

“Charo”, a buzzword since 2014.

Like most slang terms or buzzwords, they are found in popular culture. If the expression “ticket” conquered the French thanks to the film “Welcome to Chtis”that OKLM be massively distributed thanks to Booba or that “mula” used by many French and American rappers; “charo” also sees an increase in his popularity thanks to the rapper and the French football player.

AT 2015Executor Niska uses this term in his song Freestyle PSG found in his album Charo Life. This title is associated with the French football player Blaise Matuidi, who played at the time in a Paris Saint-Germain shirt. Reason? Choreography by Blaise Matuidi at every celebration of his goal. Then the singer Niska picks up the slang word and composes a song out of it, an excerpt from which:

“Dance like a charo, child, ninguisa loketo

Give me taro, I’m not going to eat you, you really paro

Paris-Saint-Germain, bandeau, Matuidi Charo»

Since then, “charo” has become Blaise Matuidi’s new nickname and saw its meaning develop further. Then it is used to talk about an ambitious and determined person who does not give up to achieve his goal without someone’s help.

But the rapper didn’t stop there. AT 2014he launched own clothing brand baptized “Charo”. To do this, he teamed up with a group of friends from the Parisian suburbs. Their online store has parts “street and sportswear” : caps, sweatshirts or even t-shirts, for both men and women. And what better way than Niska himself to promote it on his social media.

“Charo”, a buzzword among teenagers

You must have understood this expression “charo” is part of this long list of slang words that teenagers love. Like many slang words that are now fashionable in schoolyards, “charo” has several definitionsdepending on the meaning of the spoken sentence. And popular culture has taken the floor to use and popularize it. We think in particular of Niska with her songs in titles or lyrics like Booba or Bilal Hassani.

Thanks to this new article, you now have another term to add to your special teen vocabulary. You have been warned that you will be able to decipher your teenager’s language. And if you are part of that tiny fraction of young people who have not yet used the expression “charo” because you did not yet know its meaning, now you know everything.

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