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However, we had it all, it was this realization that hit me hard this week. Forced to stay at home since I contracted the cursed virus that spared me until then, I made full use of the waking time between two comatose dreams to read, but above all to let my mind wander according to my thoughts. Unaccustomed to spending so much time doing nothing, constantly drifting from task to task in the crazy dance of modern everyday life, I seized on this break that anchored me in the present moment like never before.

Having read in my forties the works of Pierre Rabha on the importance of a miracle before Mother Nature and rethinking, after reading about the Incas, the way of life of the ancestors of the indigenous peoples, which is much more in harmony with biodiversity, I could not help thinking about our way of life, reflecting on my disoriented spirituality, while my heart sadly asked me: “What are we doing with our dear Mother Earth? »

But we had everything. Everything to live in harmony with nature, its laws, the seasons and its causes. Everything to feed us, clothe us, shelter us and make us happy. We had a present moment, the possibility of endless wonder at the mysteries of life, at the beauties that abound in the fertile soil of life that is our beautiful planet. We have had the happy recklessness of other mammals on Earth combined with interpersonal bonds with our fellow humans. We had the opportunity to discuss, create links, remake the world and dream aloud. With fire as an anchor, stars as lights, testifying to the immensity of the world to be discovered, with our families to share the little joys of life with in their simplest clothes, what have we missed?

Always more

We had everything, but we wanted more. More than nature gave us, more than we needed, and more than we were meant to. Wanting to rise above our condition as a mere mortal animal, we wanted to play God by challenging the rules of our humanity. Until then, living in the rhythm of life, keeping our place on the chessboard of the food chain, we had everything to live happily, satiety.

Intelligent enough to understand the importance of the balance between man and nature, the balance necessary for the survival of our species, which is completely dependent on our earthly habitat, we then respected the laws of our environment, we revered all forms of life and lived in communion with this jewel, which was lent to us, not given. Having been involved in the cycle of life up to this critical moment, we emerged from it to become a separate class. Of temporary residents on this Earth, we have tried to become owners, to her great displeasure.

From man to monster

We had everything to live in peace with the stars, living and dead, but we wanted out of greed to possess, conquer, invade and accumulate. More wealth and more resources, more fame and glory, more titles and more weapons, more women and more envy in the eyes of others, and all this from vanity, claiming to dominate, subjugate and use nature, her body, her organs and his offspring in our favor. From man we went to the beast, and then from the wild animal we went to the monster.

How not to think about it when you take the time to look around to see the devastation we have inflicted on this beautiful planet, unique in the universe, the only one known in the vastness of infinity that can harbor life. We had everything to enjoy this incredible chance to just live, exist and enjoy the graces of Mother Nature every day. We were an anomaly in space and became a disgrace.

This COVID virus that is currently draining my energy is a direct consequence of the chain of appropriation, exploitation and distribution created by man to create more value, generate more profit and gain more power by destroying our environment. We had everything to live for thousands of years without worrying about time, but now everything is different, time is running out.

We had everything, everything, to make our transition an enriching experience for both our habitat and our humanity, evolving in symbiosis, but we slipped along the way. It’s not too late, but it’s already past one in the morning. We have all the technology, all the tools and a lot of knowledge to regain our place as a simple passenger participant, but do we have the heart, will and humility to say: “I was wrong, I’m only human, and I burned my wings trying to fly too high. Earth, forgive me and give me a chance to redeem myself for all that is mine. »

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