Oh de Seine. After 30 years of controversy, Meudon’s career will finally be over.

After years of legal battle, part of Meudon's career will finally come to fruition.
After years of legal battle, part of Meudon’s career will finally come to fruition. (© Medonez, fascinated by underground space, Carrieresetcollinerodin.fr)

This is the epilogue of one legal fight resisted the city for several decades meudon (Hauts-de-Seine) and local residents and associations. Part chalk quarry Arnode will finally completed after the final decision of the State Council.

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half Thus, from these underground galleries, located under the Rodin hill and classified as an outstanding natural, scientific and artistic monument, will be filled. “In its decision of April 13, 2022, the Council of State confirmed the decision of the Court of Appeal confirming the implementation security and improvement project Arnode quarry,” the municipality said in a press release.

This project helps to guarantee the public safety of goods and people who are at risk of a general collapse of this quarry.

Meudon town hall

In 2019, the city received permission to fill half of the classified underground galleries under an imminent danger order issued in 2013 by a senator and former mayor of Meudon. Herve Marcel. A decision which was then overturned in October 2020 by the administrative court of Cergy-Pontoise (Val d’Oise), which ruled that this infill project would be similar downgrade site. In 2021, the Court of Versailles reviewed this decision.

Various associations then filed appeals in cassation, but the State Council rejected this appeal in April 2022, effectively confirming the completion of part of this secret site. “Justice does not confirm the project as such,” explains Magdalena Labbé, member of the Arnaudet-Meudon team and the French Federation of Speleologists. The procedure does not confirm the fact that the quarry is to be filled, the purpose of the procedure was to know whether the site will be decommissioned or not.” This way the site will not be downgraded.

Mobilization of local residents

On Saturday 9 April 2022, a mobilization was organized to denounce what some call “ruthlessness”. “All legal issues have failed, we will try to fight politically,” explains Christian Mitiaville, president of the Committee for the Protection of Monuments of Meudon. The latter hopes that the future Minister of Culture will be able to take on this topic, which he looks at “outside the town hall”.

From a paleontological point of view, the Arnaudet quarry, the source of the Medonian whiteness, the famous pigment and the basis for industrial paints used in art as a cleaning agent and for bleaching shop windows, contains, among other things, fossils corresponding to the “fauna of large ancient mammals of the early Tertiary era (60 million years)”, described in 2020 on news Hauts de Seine“medonnaise with a passion for underground spaces.”

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Vaults of various shapes, galleries 10 meters high, stairs carved into the rock: in this way, only 55% of the total area of ​​​​the quarries will be preserved. The pouring work will begin, according to the mayor’s office, in the summer of 2022.

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