NIM Reptilians, keep your cool

The real curiosity of this show (Photo by Anthony Morin).

The living room that the whole family fears is back! The Reptiliades return to the Parc des Expositions (10:00 am to 6:00 pm) for a crazy weekend that will see as many reptiles as possible and more. Link to the entire southern part of France.

While agricultural enthusiasts will participate in the Days of Mediterranean Tastes, the curious, those with a good dose of imagination and courage will head to the Parc de Expo to take part in Reptiliades 2021 in their own way. Anîm’O, who organizes this Show is an association that specializes in somewhat repulsive creatures. This does not stop him from creating events such as Reptiliades, which is still the second largest terrariophile show in France.

Whether you are a beginner, dedicated or experienced, you can discover the world of terrariophilia at the dozens of booths offered to the public. Do not believe that access is only for the insiders, no, those who are interested in reptiles can come from all over France and from all walks of life. Families, singles, young couples…

Chameleon (photo by Anthony Morin).

A wide variety of species and specimens are seen, from the most common to the most specific. You’ll find everything you need to welcome your new arrival into the home with serenity. However, it is important to emphasize, in order to avoid many inconveniences and harmful problems in your daily life, that the acquisition of an animal, whatever it may be, should not be made at the time of impulse purchase. It is necessary to have adequate knowledge, an understanding of the facilities that must be created throughout the growth of your protected, as well as the costs that need to be borne, both in terms of material and care and nutrition.

There are artists working with reptile moults (Photo by Anthony Morin).

That is why you will find on site equipment, animals, food, but above all, valuable advice that will guide you to the limitations and needs of the selected species in order to avoid disappointment or subsequent difficulties. Animals in this show are checked by a veterinarian before opening to the public. It goes without saying that only cash is offered for sale, which you can legally obtain without the obligation to have a certificate of legal capacity. In any case, this fair is designed in accordance with the texts of the Washington Convention for the Protection of Animals (CITES) and other charters that specify which species and which adult quotas must be observed for individual individuals.

The big ones teach the little ones (Photo by Anthony Morin).

A medical pass is required to enter the show, as with all events in France. However, don’t worry, from 8:30 am you can get a free test and get a medical pass for the weekend.

Exhibitor List 2021: ABC Snake Center AHTP Anîm’OAquaBiance ATEA Ball Aujéreptile COLUBRIDAE FAMILLY Barbusse SNAKES PRODUCTION Design Forest DMY Reptiles Dodu Saurus Douvry Draco Reptiles Dufour Thibaud Flo’s Mantis Gacon Alexandra Garcia Alexi Gecko 13 Geckolook Grossi Philippe GECK’d Logic Ecailles Jungle Morphs Kali Gecko Le Bonheur à la Clé Jreptiles Le Petit Zoo Les DoOb’s Les Filles de l’Air Loz Herp Mamie Shells Mantis Passion MFR Morelia JM Nunes NOUGARET Cyril Occi’Reptile’s Ophidia ORIGINAL SCALES Phasme Land Pogona Reptile 66 Pornin Xavier Regius Dream Reptilarium Du Larzac Reptile barReptile Box Reptile’s Family Faucet Kateline Rodents 13 Royal Roussillon SB Snake Soleirol Jean-Philippe SOS Reptiles Terraresp Terrario Store Terrarium Nature Turtles Shopping Turtles 81 Vacher Ventre à Terre Venom X Viva Terra Zigodingo Zoo Med Laboratories Europe.

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