Montauban. USM: Last Chance Match

The most important
In Kantal, the Sapiacais show their last card in the hope of getting into the qualified train car. Anything but victory will force them to dock again.

Released, delivered … Montalbane with a calm soul went to Cantal. They know what they need to do to avoid seeing the final stages behind the small screen again. Better to be an actor than a spectator, right?

At the Stade Jean-Alric, the Greens and the Blacks have only one thing to think about: winning. They need to use the disappointment of losing to Bayonne to recover and keep hoping. They will also need to avoid the same pitfalls this season, namely missing the start and, above all, better self-control. Two expulsions against the Basques are still in the throat of some. Tarn-et-Garonne no longer needs to hold out a stick to be defeated. Today we must let the horses go, but not just like that. They will see a completely liberated team in front of them: no hope of qualifying, no anxiety about relegation. Is this good or bad? After a big success against Nevers, the Cantalus definitely jeopardized their chances by losing to Jean-Alric against the leaders Mont-de-Marsan, and especially last week, not going the distance in Carcassonne (54-24). So it’s time to recover before the penultimate home match (the Orillasua stadium will go to Vannes in two weeks).

Fijian trio in the front row

Tonight in Kantal, USM is almost on mission. And this morning a significantly changed group set out. Indeed, the staff decided to change everything or almost compared to the match with Bayon, as we are seeing at least 10 changes in the starting 15 compared to Bayon. At the back, it is worth noting the fact that USM will play with its three Fijians for the first time this season: if Epeli Momo comes out of the fridge on the flank (!), then this does not concern Josua Vichi (who retains his place in the center) and Nicola Matavalu, who are on fire for several weeks now. Since he arrived, Vichi has brought that percussion that was lacking and Matawalu continues to score three tries in the last four games and sets fire every time he touches the ball. He’s impressive. There is no doubt that this trio could strike sparks if the ball reached them in the right conditions and especially if the ground allowed, which obviously would not be the case. Changes are also in the pivot with Jérôme Bosville set to open (return of New Zealander Varenui Haver to the bench) and to be linked with Quentin Delors (Nick Steerzaker on the bench). Ahead, on the other hand, USM must do without the suspended Marcelino Paulino and Nicolas Agnesi. We note the stay of young Louis Vincent in the third line (read below); a completely redesigned third row with the arrival of Stéphane Muñoz and Dimitri Vaotoa. In the second link, two shifts with Alexander Manukula and Tzhiui Wanivi (who returns to the second link) from the start.

Finally, contrary to tradition, only one change in the front line with Pierre Commenge, who replaced Kamaliel Tufele. On the other hand, we will notice a very interesting bench with Dan Malafoss, Kelly Meafua, Nick Steerzaker, Leka Tupuola and others; bench with five forward, three backs.

USM and Bayonne also called

For example, in February 2021?

Tonight two young sapiacai in blue

Aurillac – Montauban, at 19:30.

In Aurillac (Jean Alric stadium); arbitrators: Mr. Jeremy Rozier (Auvergne, Rhone-Alpes) assisted by M.M. Thomas Sherek and Fabrice Hand.AURILLAC STADIUM. Cantal Auvergne. Gogoladze; Valentine, Yobo, Powell, Nico; (o) Palm, (m) Buissu; Profit, Tison, Roussel (cap); Hank, Rolland; Daniel, Smith, Planter. On the bench: Lasho, Royer, Javakhia, Shvangiradze, Maituku, Delarue, Neissen, Leveque.SPORTS UNION OF MONTALBANA. touculet; Matavalu, Vichi, Maty, Momo; (o) Bosville, (m) Delord; Vincent, D. Vaotoa, Munoz (cap); Manukula, Wanivi; Burduli, Firmin, Kommenzh. On the bench: Feltrin, C. Vaotoa, Malafoss, Meafua, Stirzaker, Havera, Tupuola, Reno.

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