Minnesota crushes Grizzlies, Dallas pays for Doncic’s absence


Dallas and Utah were honored to open playoffs 2022, but the man missed the call: Luka Doncic. The Slovenian magician, who suffered a calf injury during the last game of the regular season, sat on the bench and watched his teammates lose from the start to the field. The absence of a point guard took a toll on the Mavs, who made up for it with their defense in the first period. Utah, still just as unsettling in their collective play, nearly regained the locker room lead thanks to a late 3-pointer from Boyan Bogdanovich, excellent in this match (26 points) and an unprecedented superiority in rebounding (53-34 in the match).

But back from the dressing room, Donovan Mitchell who will take matters into their own hands. Ghostly in the first period (2 1/8 points of shooting) will light up the back and finish with 32 points, which will play a big role in his team’s upcoming victory. On the contrary, the Mavs attack is gradually falling apart, and there are really no targeted three points (2 teams have 16/54 in terms of accumulation). It’s finally unexpected Royce O’Neill who will crucify Dallas with a deadly long-range shot with less than a minute left. In the absence of Luca duet Spencer Dinwidi – Jalen Brunson (total 46 points 15/39) will not be able to fully hold the team, and the Mavs must hope for a quick return of their genius in fear that their adventure will quickly end.

Following their success over the Clippers on play, The Wolves struck, winning Memphis in a warm atmosphere. Unimpressed with their return to the playoffs, the Wolves missed out on starting horses, winning the first quarter 41-33! Anthony Edwards and Carl Anthony Towns knocked out from under the opponent’s defense (only 25 points in the first quarter), faced with too lone Ja Morant (15 points). With public support and good Dillon Brooks, Memphis gains momentum in the second quarter, but Jaren Jackson Jr. but impressive in defense (7 blocks!), lost too quickly due to mistakes and does not weigh in attack.

The Wolves keep their grip and choke the Grizzlies, fighting for every ball. The FedEx forum believes it, however, when Ja Morant (32 points overall) wakes up his men with a furious dunk and it looks like the match could be flipped after some clumsiness by the Wolves. But Anthony Edwards (36 points) steps on the gas in the third quarter, and Minnesota will eventually beat Memphis on a big hit (50% shooting, 39% 3-pointers) and a scoring victory that will allow them to regain the lead. land advantage. It’s a big show this first evening, as we didn’t give away many Wolves skins before this meeting. Memphis will have to restart in Game 2 on pain of a huge disappointment that will ruin a great season.


The 66ers-Raptors are positioned as a tight series, but that wasn’t the case in the first game. Philadelphia won at home without a hit thanks to a colossal Tyrese Maxi (38 points 14/21 shooting, 5/8 three points). The young leader had a notable 21 in the third quarter as the 76ers were already leading 69-51 at halftime! So an easy win despite the duet Jol Embiid – James Harden in halftones (41 points 11/32 in cumulative shooting). The pinnacle of bad luck for Predators Scotty Barnes quite impressive in this match, injured his leg and saw his first playoffs already finished. Not deserving, Toronto bows heavily and will have to offer something else in the second game to hopefully upset his opponent.

In San Francisco, the Nuggets were in the game until the end of the second quarter when the Warriors kept up with them at 18–4 to take the lead and never let go. They even extended their lead to a 20-point lead after 36 minutes to ensure a quiet last quarter. This is Jordan Pool who shone with the Warriors (30 points, 9-13 shooting, 5/7 3s) in a game marked by an expected comeback Stephen Curry, but limited to minutes (21). The Nuggets have been through Nikola Jokic without inspiration (25 points, 0/4, three points, 10 rebounds), and they will have to adjust their long-range address (31% to 46 for the Warriors) to exist in this series.

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