Mikael Guillaume, a treat against Ouray – ergue-gaberic – football

Legend: Hitting the post in the first half, Plomelinois’ Mickael Guillaume showed superiority with his high-level performance against Are.

Long balls to the legs, accelerating over 30 meters, before seeing him run midway through the second match, Mikael Guillaume, 28, shone in this trap match against Auray FC, showing without a doubt his best game. season. However changed for him during the match at Landerno with an excellent tone.

“I was on the bench for two games in a row. It tickled me. Then I train, my legs come back. I prefer drier fields because of the quality of the support and better guidance. rising higher. I felt comfortable, it bothered them too. This allowed me to project myself and win balls higher on the field. I was good in this match, it was more of a feeling. I didn’t do 90 minutes often this year because we have a high density in midfield which leads to match rotations. Our maps are like this: I have a more efficient game, there are players around me who are more technical or have a better feel for the game. it changes my register, I had to make changes, with more space and freedom”Mikael Guillaume says

Having achieved the best situation of the first half, having found the opponent’s stance, in the 22nd minute, on a whim, he was constantly in search of a higher rhythm. “At the corner of the first half, I have the sun ahead of me. I should have lowered it more, I’m taking it forward too much. I don’t even know how the defender brought him to his own line, I didn’t know. I did not see”

In this final sprint at the end of the season, going blow after blow with the American Highlanders, the leader of the group, Paotred Dispoint, undefeated in the league, continues on his way, sticking to a common line to maintain his invincibility to the end.

“For three or four games, we felt that we had more difficulties, that our opponents were waiting for us. As soon as we concede a goal, Plabennec, the same thing, we have to bring even more intensity. We had good difficulties. ahead with Ore. They offered little, we made a mistake with a goal conceded. It’s infuriating because they don’t have action in the first half. It’s our sweet sin, this year, “we have problems with goals. At 2-1, we should be more lethal and come third. We break out and restore the balance in the match, instead of being under constant pressure. This smiled at us today.Now there are 3 games left.La Stella, she won’ It’s easy, last time we were there, we made it 3-3, equalizing in the gong.Saint-Renan, this is a strong team, much better, since they changed coaches.”.

Seeking to solve the equations set by the opponent through shifts, variations between pinpoint attacks and fast play, Paotred Dispount uses multiple forms of expression and can adapt to different contexts, weekend after weekend.

“In content, we want to offer a game. The season is long, we are coming out of two years of Covid, coming back to a full season has not been easy. We achieve this, it helps us. the motivation is natural to go get something at the end of the season. I had a pretty good start to the season. After the French Cup epic, there was a kick in the legs, it was hard in the heads of the chain, after Vannes. especially before this match of the 8th round. After that match with Vann, there was a break, it was hard to put the foot back in the stirrup. And that’s where Mick (Caudal, coach) was good, he kept us on our toes. Our match has clicked, it could be the Ore match that follows Vann. We missed him in the world, we won 0-1 in a great match. And since then, we’ve won everything, 10 wins in a row.”Mikael Guillaume adds.

Three days before the end of this exciting R1 Championship, Group A, with a leaderboard duel the following day, in Lestonan, against the Highlanders from the USA (expected Saturday, May 15th), Paotred Dispount want to heal their end of the season, and untie the horses, according to with the provided expression. “I’ve never had a season like the one we’re going through right now. After that, in my opinion, it’s a shame to wait to fall behind in our last matches to get such a team reaction and let the horses go. We’re too reserved, at the start, and the fact of taking the goal, we really say something to ourselves, and we start again in a different rhythm. rhythm, we are doing well with this victory over Ore”

Michaël Guillaume against Ore is at his peak at the end of the Gabericua season. Inevitably, his carnage and influence, a unique profile in Paothred Dispount’s workforce, he became a centerpiece in midfield. As it moves forward, as on this Saturday night, it becomes a real barometer and steamroller form for the Yellows and Blacks.

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