Master Pro CSO: Penelope Leprevost became the champion of France Pro Elite!

Following her daughter Eden in Critérium Pro 1, Penélope Leprevost won the French Pro Elite title with Texas this Sunday at the Grand Parquet in Fontainebleau. Faced with a high plateau, the 2016 Olympic champion in Rio handled her 11-year-old son Tornesch admirably to take the win ahead of François-Xavier Boudan and Philippe Leoni.

For this first edition of the Printemps des Sports Equestres, the Great Parquet of Fontainebleau has come to life, as Serge Lecomte, President of the French Equestrian Federation, noted. “Congratulations to Sylvie Robert and her team for this performance that awakened the Great Parquet. A lot of people talked about it, but you did it.” And while many Master Pro show jumping events have shunned top French top-level riders, in 2022 FFE and GL Events did their best to bring in the cream of French show jumping for fifteen days of competition. Jumping International de La Baule. “In recent years, we have often slowed down, saying that we were afraid that the international label would erase the national label a little, but we were 100% confident in Sylvie and her sporting respect outside of the competition. We were looking for the right formula, telling ourselves that all riders who asked for 4* selection must also be present at the French Championship. And I thank them for the fact that no one resisted and they chose the right horses for this championship. The only message now is that I hope we will perpetuate this format,” highlights Sophie Dubourg, National Technical Director. It is therefore a very high level line-up that took part in this 2022 Master Pro edition, in which Penélope Leprevo, with an exemplary international track record, has never competed in the Pro Elite queen category. So whoever won the driver’s championship twice in 2006 and 2007 was able to enjoy that first victory the day after her daughter Eden Leprevost Blyn-Lebreton took the French Pro 1 title. “What Eden did yesterday is unbelievable, the champion throws. I’m joking, but it’s true that we always say that Eden is Penelope’s daughter, but until this morning I was primarily Eden’s mother, because everyone was talking about her, Penelope continues. The story is just great, and for us, emotionally, this is something that will remain in memory for a long time.

Penelope Leprevo and Texas @Elodie Pinguet

However, nothing predetermined that the French driver would win this gold medal, as Julien Epaillard dominated the competition with Quintara at the time. This Sunday final will indeed consist of two rounds, perfectly designed by course designer for this event, Cedric Longis, who was able to offer technical courses while remaining very horse-like in the opinion of all riders and staff. . And the first round shuffled some cards as Benoit Cernin, the 2019 French champion, retires with twelve points from Deuxcatsix d’Eglefin, forfeiting any chance of a double. Second on probation, Gregory Cottar will also see the podium disappear after two errors in Cocaine du Val’s last double, while François Xavier Boudan, probationary third, is penalized four points with Brazil du Mesel. We must believe that the impeccable, controlled but somewhat slow (1 point) Penelope Leprevo and Taxas have already put pressure on her competitors! Only Julien Epaillard managed to keep a clean sheet and reach the second round as the leader of this championship.

François Xavier Boudan and Brazil du Mezel @Elodie Pinguet

golden mother and daughter

And the turns weren’t going to stop on such a good track, as the second round of this Pro Elite Championship, reviewed over eleven obstacles, will have an unexpected outcome! Initially displayed as 69″, the allotted time increases when Julien Anquetin enters the arena with Blood Diamond du Pont, 70″. However, in the end, only four couples will come out without the slightest penalty in this second round of twenty qualified, and it was Pierre Marie Friant who first found the solution with Hourdy d’Astré (4th, 6.95 points). Unfortunately for Aymeric De Ponn and Meghan Moissonnier, respectively third and second on probation in the first round with Hoover and Bracadabra, two errors would deprive them of both podium finishes (10th11.31 points and 9th, 10.89 points). Thirty-four before the start of this final day, Philippe Leoni made an incredible comeback, crossing the finish line of the first run with a short time count and signing a magnificent clean lap in the second run with Ms. Marie W’T. Winnenhof. So the 62 year old rider, far from the thought of climbing that Pro Elite podium, could pretty much celebrate his bronze medal (6.75 points) even though he had only been riding his 10 year old mare for six months! “That’s what’s great about this sport. I focused on trying to get two clean rounds, that was my goal. My mare is fantastic, she’s the perfect age for me (laughs), she made me look a little younger. She surprises me in every course, I am of course very happy and, above all, very happy to share the podium with Penelope, whom I admire, and my friend FX.”

Philippe Leoni and Miss Marie W’t Winnenhof

Also clear in the second race, François Xavier Boudan climbed to the second step of the podium with Brazil du Meiselle. A well-deserved medal for the one who was able to straighten the bar after his mistake in the first round (5.80 points). By signing a perfect course with Texas, Penélope Leprevost was no longer in control of her own destiny, and finally it was Julien Epaillard and Kintar’s nine points (7th), which will offer Amazon the French Pro Elite 2022 title. “I am very proud of Texas, I love this horse, I have a lot of faith in him, he evokes what I said from the very beginning. It belongs to Eric Levallois, who trusts me 100%, he is always positive and keeps track of his progress, allowing me to do it. explains the champion of France, who did not really foresee such a result, First of all, I came here telling myself that I was going to give my horse some experience, then he was sixth in the chase and jumped really well on the first run, so I jumped into the game.” For his part, Sylvie Robert, President of GL Events Equestriazn Sports, can only draw a positive conclusion as the Printemps des Sprts Equestres proves to be a real success. “This is a beautiful page in the history of equestrian sport that Penelope and Eden won here, it is a bit like the rebirth of the French Championships in this exceptional place, which needs to be emphasized.”

2022 Pro Elite Championship Podium @Elodie Pinguet

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