Master Pro CSO Fontainebleau: Eden Leprevost Blin-Lebreton in the footsteps of his mother!

During the first edition of the Spring of Equestrian at the Grand Parquet de Fontainebleau in the colors of GL Events, the audience was able to applaud the two new French champions in the Criterium Pro 1 and the Pro 2 championship.

Having won her first France Pro title, she first participation and what else in Criterium Pro 1, Eden Leprevost Pancake-Lebreton, only 18 years old, hit hard! In the saddle on the 14-year-old daughter of Balugran, Star Landesdaughter of Penelope Leprevo just flew this championship, keeps his head up climb to the top step of the podium empty account. “It’s simple dream championship, let go of a young girl, win from the first day, then hold the lead until the end, coping with pressure, even unexpectedly! “. Impressive in control and serenity, Eden was finally able to give vent to her joy, overcoming the last obstacle of the second round of this third day of the championship in the career of the princes of the Great Parquet of Fontainebleau. But still the pressure will never leave the rider since at the end of the first round of this final, five couples were in one bar. This is if the second round was to be decisive! Linking the perfectly mastered course with Caligano Dzhortonn, Tony Hankinkvant secured the podium (silver 1.78 points).) Bye Louis Pichon finally wins the bronze medal building the perfect course with Loneliness in the wind (2.26 points)) and took advantage of Alexis Borren’s mistake with Doligo de Saint-Leger (5th4.16 points).

Eden Leprevost Pancake-Lebreton wins her first French professional title ©Elodie Pinguet

All in control and precision, Eden Leprevost Pancake-Lebreton was able to lead Une Etoile Landaise to the top, she, having just left the awards ceremony and the awards ceremony, was still trembling with emotion. “There was more pressure in the second run, of course, the obstacles were much further apart, which required a lot of preparation with thin verticals. You should have taken your time, but the bar came very quickly. Tried to ride instinctively and focus on my mare, breathe, work between jumps and today it paid off. We did not change anything from the usual before entering the track, she remained very careful in her advice, and we repeated the course for the last time.clarifies the girl, adding: I’m still in shock, this is my first professional championship, it was very unexpected! » Unexpectedly, not so confidently, when we look at the already very complete list of Eden, which next week will take part in BIP in junior events. The young rider will then focus on her BAC, which she will complete in three weeks. “It’s not easy to do everything at the same time, but I try to do everything well, even if my days are very busy. I am lucky that I have help, in particular from my fiancé, which allows me to work.”she confesses before smilingly admitting that there will be a small fiesta tonight with ” everyone “.

Premiere of Anna Rapin!

in French Championship Pro 2, as in Critérium Pro 1, the victory is female and unprecedented. Seventh at the end of the hunt on the first day, Ann Rapina was able to move up the rankings in two races on the second day of the competition on his very fast and nimble little chestnut Calcutta de Bocret Z. This 9-year-old son of Cor de Gus rode under the saddle of his rider. for a year and a half. “When I bought it I didn’t think he would do all this, I thought he would jump a lot of 125cm classes. He is a former triathlon, he is very respectful and very fast, he is very often clean. I am very proud and very happy he jumped exclusively today “, emphasizes Ann, who demonstrated this beautifully this Saturday afternoon at the Petit Parquet in Fontainebleau. As in Critérium Pro 1, the top twenty couples from the first round faced each other on a final circuit designed by Cédric Longhi for Anna Rapin’s greatest pleasure. “I like his courses, this year I took only courses developed by him. They make the horses progress, they work with the riders, there are flaws everywhere, the horses never fall into a trap.” she continues. And proof that by lining up on two perfect tracks this Saturday, despite the pressure felt, Anne and her little chestnut, a birthday present from her husband, won the French Pro 2 2022 title with a combined score of 1.13 points. Victory won while the leader of this championship, William Ligier de la Prade17 years old, crossed the finish line of the second race with point in time exceeded by Galileo (1.40 points) whileAlexandre Real, 15, won the bronze medal with Sir de Saint-Simon. (2.09 points). “I’m not getting younger in front of these two young riders, but it’s never too late (laughs). I haven’t competed in a French championship since junior days, so that was a long time ago.”fondly remembers the 46-year-old rider who took the opportunity to thank the team of Sylvie Robert, the organizer of the equestrian spring, which brings together Master Pro and CSI 4*. “I said thank you in person and I have tears in my eyes because it’s exceptional that the Federation has teamed up with excellence, it’s good,” she concludes.

Anne Rapina and Calcutta of Bocret Z won the French Pro Championship ©Elodie Pinguet

Yesterday French Championship Pro 3 has sacred Fiona Versini and Curlew Tycoon15 year old horse I’ve been driving it for seven or eight years, we know each other by heart. He gives everything on the track, between us it’s a big story “, declared the new champion of France.

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