Lunel: bulls and horses, kings of the first Revivre de la Pescalune in October

The Pescalune final, as desired by the municipality, will be played on 28, 29 and 30 October. He was introduced to the bullfighting clubs this Wednesday, September 21, at the City Hall.

“This is a test, we are experimenting. If we need to make a change, we will, but that was the campaign promise and we are keeping it.” Thus, the first Revivre de la Pescalune will take place. The dates of October 28, 29 and 30 were confirmed this Wednesday for Moon worshipers during the presentation of these three days of celebration on Wednesday at City Hall.

Tradition and friendliness

Three days after Pescaluna will honor tradition and fun. The festivities will be celebrated by the chief municipal conductors Marie Pape and Paulette Goujon, and the part of Bouvin in the arenas by Stéphane Roussel and Adrien Pujol. “mini” bandidos and abrivados galore (departure from the bullring and arrival at the entrance of the hospital) and the exceptional Camargue race.

Magali Saumade: “Here the track benefits good cockades”

Manadière Magali Saumade attended the presentation of the end of the temporade, one of the outstanding posters of which will be her Royale.

What mood are you in before the last performance of your Piano in the arenas of Lunel?

It’s a joy, I’m very happy to finish this race in Lunel. This is the fruit of a trusting relationship with Adrien Pujol. Because behind the bulls there are also stories about men who make us grow. We hope to experience a great moment of love because Nimes and Lunel arenas are the biggest arenas at the moment.

Your bulls have not raced since August 25th, was that voluntary?

These bulls are only 8 years old and have not raced with Covid for two years. These are bulls in the nascent stage that confirmed what we thought of them quantitatively and qualitatively, especially in Nîmes.

How are cattle coping in these Covid years?

It is difficult for us and the bulls to get them back on track and catch up, because 6 and 7 years are fundamental for them.

Which bull do you have the most hope for?

With Vicaire, Cobalt and Castella we have three main bulls. Personally, I have a soft spot for Castella, but the intensity of each performance can vary depending on the track.

What do you expect from the Royal Hotel in Lunel?

This is the first time here. She went to Nimes twice last year and this year. Usually the Lunel track favors the bulls when they are good. Let’s see. But they are only 8 years old, they still have room to grow.

“For this first renaissance, it was important to keep putting managers to work”Pierre Sougol insisted, before recalling that this would be the last celebration before the start of major works that would affect the heart of the city until the end of the mandate.

Concretely, Marie Pape announced that three shots of Revivre on Friday night 28 October would be given by bandits followed by a celebratory show in Brassens.

On Saturday at 11:00 we meet at the race at Plan, then at abrivado and “Aperose” with musical entertainment at Cours Péri. “July 14 at the end of October”the chosen one slipped a giant aperitif of pescaluna to the familiars.

Moon youth at the party

As part of the Revivre, the Lunelloise youth association invited the production of Maestria to rejoin the professional guardian race that took place last Monday after Pescalune.

It’s done: on Saturday afternoon, September 29, the arenas will host a Professional Security Competition for 6 ferrades on the track, 6 waits by the fire, a jump on horseback and an old-fashioned shaved bull in the performance.

“Eighteen professional shepherds are present and two herds will lead the cattle provided by the Kuye herd.”, says Florent Gerber, president of Lunelloise Youth. Each shepherd will draw his bull at random.

Finally, don’t dine at Pré on Sunday, but head to Place Caladons to enjoy a musical breakfast with food taken from a bag, and the municipality will provide the technical equipment needed for grilling. The Plana race will take place at 11:00 am, followed by abrivado and finally fireworks: Royale Saumade in the arenas.

“Grand Finale” Temporade

On the sidelines of the presentation of the Revivre de la Pescalune, Adrien Pujol, responsible for the programming of the Camargue races for the Maestria production, detailed the three posters that will close the bullfighting season in Lunel.

“A grand finale and full confidence in the managers and racers,” summed up Adrien Pujol before showing ambition to “fill the arenas of San Juan.”

The first meeting on October 16th with the final of the 3M Trophy, which will bring together large manads, mainly from Hérault, and the presence of, among others, Fourcatier, the best bull of the Future in Lunel and Cupid, whose despedida it will be. “A serious first part and an exciting second part,” promises Adrien Pujol.

Then, the nugget of this temporada, on October 30, within the Revivre, with the “Royal Moment”, namely the bulls of the Saumade herd, in particular Cobalt, Vicar and Castella. Last outing for this Royale after its success in Nimes this summer.

Finally, on November 6, the arenas will host the final of the Pescalune Trophy with the participation of the two best current racers of the Trophée des As, Katif and Felix, as well as all the devotees of the Pescalune Arena. Like last year, artist Goro will transform the arena and the best aces bulls will be announced.

Suffice it to say that the cocktail is the same for the full stands.

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