Kevin Durant Dumped His Horses…for Nothing Against the Celtics

After three underwhelming performances, Kevin Durant absolutely needed to offer another face in Game 4 between the Nets and the Celtics, regardless of the outcome of the meeting. And this is what we saw. Much more aggressive, KD didn’t want to leave the playoffs without one last effort. He will leave them 37-7-9 and, above all… with a missed shot that risks sticking in his head for most of the summer.

“I Think Too Much”. Here’s how Kevin Durant explained his struggle with the Celtics’ choke defense after losing Game 3, where he finished with just eleven shots on the clock. So screwed up for screwed up, KD let go in the fourth round tonight. From the first minutes of the meeting, we felt Durant’s determination to use all available ammunition. Draws quickly and it doesn’t matter if it’s a difficult shoot. Much less hesitation, much more intent, and the feeling that we’ll finally find the real KD, not his doppelgänger. Duran will play a total of 47 minutes on the court today, making 31 shot attempts, including 11 award-winning shots, and 11 bonus free throws. At least no one can say that he lacked aggressiveness. Now, no one can say that Durant put in an incredible performance to save the Nets from relegation. Just because Brooklyn still lost 116-112, despite Durant’s 37 points – 7 rebounds – 9 assists, and then also because the KD performance was characterized by great waste. Four more assists, 18 total missed shots (13/31, 3/11 from a distance), we are very far from the performance standards that make Durant one of the best scorers in the basketball world. So even if it’s not unusual for playoff percentages to drop, even more so for a first offensive option that wants to counter as good a defense as Boston’s, it’s clear that this top performance won’t wipe out his galleys. from the first three games. Especially since the last KD image we have of this 2022 postseason is of a missed free throw in the final moments of the match.

111-109 for Boston with 22 seconds left, second pitch for KD, Briquasse. The Celtics bounce, make the transition, and crucify Brooklyn thanks to a tip from veteran Al Horford. The Nets won’t bounce back. It was Durant’s only miss of the game and he fell at the most inopportune moment. His three-pointer, scored with three seconds left, is anecdotal. 4-0, swing, it hurts. This is the first time in his career that Kevin Durant has picked up a broom, and it’s especially brutal when you see the show’s script.

For KD, this is the end of a tedious season during which he carried Brooklyn at arm’s length amid the surrounding chaos that marked the Nets campaign. Did many minutes played in a regular game play against the Celtics on a mission? Probably a little. Admittedly, he was able to breathe a little when he missed several weeks of competition earlier in the year due to knee pain, but it’s clear that Durant had to take on too much responsibility to keep the Nets at a decent level.. A 40-minute regular season matchup when you’re 33 and had an Achilles tendon rupture in June 2019, there’s a way it’s going to get paid at some point. Either way, Durant can now turn the page on a season that started with huge ambition but ended in huge disappointment.

Kevin Durant hasn’t been at his level this playoff, and this latest last-stance performance doesn’t change that observation. We obviously have to give credit to the Celtics defense, who knew how to press where it hurt to limit the impact of the KD. But we still wonder who could steal his talent for three games in a row. He should come back stronger next year so that people will forget this very painful episode.

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