Job promises rise in Yonne, AJA win, Auxerre city center controversy … Top stories of the week

Sports, economics, news… Here are the top things to remember this week April 11-17, 2022.

The biker died on the RN77 in Saint-Florentin.

The fatal accident occurred on the morning of Monday, April 11, 2022, in Saint-Florentin. A car and a motorcycle collided on RN77. The motorcycle driver, originally from Tourni, died at the scene. Migennoy, 57, was in the car. He was taken to the hospital for examination.

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A woman and a child were slightly injured during a thrilling trip to Tusi.

On the new side of the shops, in Auxerre and Migennes

The couple at the head of the Bertrand patisserie, rue de la Draperie, broadcast. Coffee time is expected near the station. Sculptor on Rue Joubert. And many other novelties: a point, not exhaustive, about the news of the trading life of Auxerre.

Things are changing in Migennes too, with a Basic Fit gym and a women’s ready-to-wear store just opened.

premium At the Leclerc hypermarket in Sens, dining gives way to cultural space.

Statements of Ukrainian refugees

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the Saint-Georges-sur-Bolsh Ukrainian Solidarity team has taken in 27 refugees. Ukrainians who did not expect such a surge of solidarity towards them. They testify.

“We lived well, we had everything in Kharkov.” A refugee in Tanglay since mid-March, Yulia Kharlamova survived the first weeks of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in Kharkov, a heavily bombed city. To save her children, she fled, leaving her husband and father, firefighters, at the epicenter of the war.

premium Association “Kyiv-Avallon” gives Ukrainian refugees supermarket gift cards for 3,000 euros

Mila case: Senonese tried for harassment and death threats on social networks

On April 12, 2022, Senonez appeared before the Paris Criminal Court along with five other defendants. She is suspected of harassment and death threats against Mila. In 2020, young Yserouise received death threats on social media following controversial remarks about religion. The representative of the national pole against online hate requested up to six months. The court will make its decision on May 24.

premium In Sens, a retiree is sentenced to thirteen months in prison for abusing his partner.

[Portrait] Ines Mongen, Animal Caretaker

Since July 1, 2021, Inès Mongen has been working as a caretaker at the Center for the Rescue of Wild Birds and Small Mammals (CSOS) in Fontaine-la-Gaillard. Guided by the founders of the structure, the Krikbum spouses, she should soon replace them. Discover the portrait of this 20 year old Senonese.

The disappearance of actor Michel Bouquet

Michel Bouquet died on Wednesday 13 April 2022 at the age of 96. This “sacred monster” of the French theater, associated with Yonne by his wife Juliette Carré, originally from Eta-la-Sauvain, has distinguished himself many times. Several hundred of them were shared on stage with actor Sylvain Machak, originally from Sens, noted for his “fantastic wickedness”, his “liveness of mind” and many other things.

In the strictest seclusion, Michel Bouquet is now resting in Eta-la-Sauvain.

Yonne’s 300 secret structures under close surveillance

As part of the Regional Directorate for Environment, Planning and Housing (Dreal), inspectors regularly visit around 300 ICPE-classified sites in Yonne. They enforce regulations to prevent any health risk or contamination. Report inside Yltec in Joigny.

The fire devastated an industrial building in Winnef.

On Thursday, April 14, at dawn, an industrial building located along RD 23, in the artisanal area of ​​Saint-Fiacre in Vinnef, a fire broke out. This area of ​​1400 m² usually housed six to seven craftsmen, in particular a carpentry and soap factory. The owner and tenants watched helplessly as the disaster unfolded.

The fire devastated an industrial building in the town of Winnef.

Guy Burras, mayor of Saint-Julien-du-Saux, resigns from the executive branch of the Jovian community.

The mayor of Saint-Julien-du-Saux resigned as Vice President for Economic Development in the inter-communal community of Jovinien on Wednesday, April 13. Thus, he expressed his disagreement with the budget presented for 2022. “During the discussion of the budget orientation, I noticed that this budget will increase our debt from 6.7 to more than 10.5 million euros, I don’t want to increase taxation,” he attacked.

premium Guy Burras, who disagrees with the budget for 2022, leaves the executive body of the Jovian community.

There are not enough job candidates in Yonne

There are not enough job candidates in Yonne

Decrease in unemployment and increase in hiring plans for 2022: signs of economic recovery are favorable for the labor market in Yonne. But with fewer applicants and companies with greater workforce needs, the hiring process is changing and professionals have to appeal to candidates.

Young people from Iqaun can become volunteers at the 2024 Olympics in Paris

Young Ikaunais between the ages of 17 and 24 can volunteer for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris.The department of Yonne, named “Terre de Jeux 2024”, is offering young people from Icaun the opportunity to volunteer in the Olympic and Paralympic Village in two years. Applications for persons aged 17 to 24 have opened from Friday, April 15 through Sunday, May 15, 2022.

AJA’s big win in Po that puts pressure on the opposition

Auxerre coach Jean-Marc Furland and Ajaiste midfielders Matthias Otret and Gaultier Hein were pleased with the match in Pau where AHA were able to take the lead before sealing their 1-4 victory thanks to a numerical superiority this Saturday afternoon ​during the 33rd round. day L2.

Municipal policemen from Auxerre rewarded for ousting “outcasts”?

Municipal police officers from Auxerre awarded for ousting Were meringues and “gourmet boxes” promised to the municipal police of Auxerre if they ousted the “outcasts” present in front of Monoprix by April 30, 2022? This is evidenced by a photograph taken in the premises of the municipal authorities, made public by an elected official from the opposition. The Auxerre City Hall denies that it was the initiator of this approach.

Preview in Avallon, 200 accountants needed, Odul busy… Indiscretion of the week

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