Jamie Gurmaud (It’s Not Rocket Science) Announces Terrible News

Is this the end of the show?C Jamie ‘? According to our colleagues from Clean environmentprogram hosted for many years by the highly regarded Jamie Gourmet on france 5, ends at the end of June. Loyal fans are disappointed!

Jamie Gurmo, the best at popularizing science!

Jamie Gurmo is a special animator. Indeed, he has always managed to convey his knowledge in very different subjects with a great pedagogical approach. This is a bit like information for dummies or fun information. Even complex topics seem very simple when Jamie Gurmaud explains them. There is no better animator in terms of popularizing science.

Recall that he led This is not rocket science and Jamie’s world. Then the group France TVs decided to entrust him with a new mission in February 2021. Indeed, the presenter with great joy announces at his own expense instagram start a new program Si Jamie:beautiful 26 minute baby airs daily at 16:55 on the channel France 5.

Jamie Gurmaud received Thomas Pesce

Together with his colleagues, Jamie Gourmet hosts a wide variety of specialists at his exhibitions: scientists, historians, doctors and even veterinarians. For example, he even won the famous astronaut Tom Peske for an episode dedicated to the planet Mars. Unfortunately for fans of Jamie Gourmet, the show will end soon. So enjoy the latest shows to air this June. Indeed, with the beginning of the academic year in September, the program will not be extended.

Program ‘C Jamie stop at France 5 even if it’s a success!

As our colleagues from Clean environment This Thursday, April 28, end date C Jamie set for June. This is reported by Gael Leyblang, co-producer of the program. ” This decision of the channel has nothing to do with the quality and success of the show. The audience has grown steadily (+30%) since the launch in February 2021. This is chain arbitrage“, – he explains. However, according to information from our colleagues, C Jamie daily gathers about 280,000 viewers, which is 3.7% of the market. ” Audience share is in line with the public channel average, followed by 3.8% of children aged 4 and over in March.“, the site says.

Jamie Gurmo still has good days France 3

Jamie Gourmet fans can rest easy! After all, the presenter does not leave our screens for good. As explained above, this decision of the network has nothing to do with the talent of Jamie Gourmet. This way you will be able to continue watching the show. in Jamie’s world which he presents with Eglantine Emeie on the channel France 3. Recall that the program has existed since 2014 and is unlikely to stop in the near future.

In addition, you can also follow Jamie Gurmo on his channel. YouTube baptized Epicurius. Of course, you are not finished learning while having fun! At the moment, environmental subjects affect the largest number. The host has already warned several times about the consequences of global warming or about the amazing powers of the forest. Just a few topics from a long list that won’t stop growing!

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